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  1. There's a map in ACEMOD rotation that has an issue. It's called City of ACC or something close to that. Every time it comes up it goes into a rapid download of a file that's 183kB but it actually downloads 380kB then goes black-screen then starts over. The biggest problem is that the download cycle during which you can try to pull down the console and /DISCONNECT happens too fast to pull of a /disconnect. Requiring one either walks away while the idiocy goes on and on and the map finally changes 20 minutes later or you have to RESET out which also sucks. Tonight we actually had a good gang show up (miracle) only to have this happen and blow us all out. :/ Can we fix this or jettison the map please?
  2. What exactly does it say when you get kicked?
  3. After 10 years of the game working just fine I find the change disorienting, annoying, and taking me "out of game" almost every spwan. Hate it.
  4. SPUCK

    Thanks BUDMAN!
  5. SPUCK

    The ol Acemod server was having fits this morning. Midnite to 2AM if rebooted 4 times.. Someone working on it or is it ill?
  6. SPUCK

    This dead master server is really a huge downer... CRAP! They want COD4 dead. They probably want us all to move on to some new expensive game with no custom maps.. Very annoying. Someone should figure out a patch that moves the master server away from Acti-non-vision.
  7. SPUCK

    Glad you're place is just messyfied. I live 5 miles from the epicenter of where the Loma Prieta happened. I feel for you. And California breaking off... HAHAHA Everyone one knows when CA cracks up the San Andreas fault everything east of the the crack is going to just slide under the Alantic Ocean.
  8. SPUCK

    It's the adjusters. It's the adjusters. It's the adjusters. Oh before I forget to mention it: It's the adjusters. You have them in backwards.. They don't look ANY DIFFERENT when they're in backwards. You can NOT just look at them. You really need to test them as KaptCrunch describes. You can test them from the outside of the vehicle, (without removing the drums), thru the adjusting windows, if you read his description very carefully and then reverse things, as appropriate, since thru the window is backwards from his standard installation description.
  9. SPUCK

    Has this been resolved? With "modern" brakes they self-adjust. You back up and pump the brakes and they tighten up to a point based on the 'servo function' as it works when going backwards. Since this wasn't a problem prior to your replacing everything it's likely something you did. I believe it's possible to reverse the automatic adjusting bits so they work wrong, as in adjusting as you go FORWARD. This could cause what's happening since they are manually adjusted fine but then tighten up as soon as you apply them going forward. You could try adjusting them manually again then back down the road gently pumping the brakes and see if the bind-up doesn't happen.
  10. SPUCK

    Well BigD you won't be knifing me as long as that anti-camping crap is running and I don't even camp..
  11. The AceMod we have (or had) was the finest COD4 server with the greatest folks. It's why I'm <XI>. There are core regulars that like what it is. With the new outstanding map rotations it's da bom! Changing it because census is down is, in my opinion, folly. This is an OLD game. There are hundreds of new games competing for player attention. Changing it in the mistaken hope that it will somehow attract new players or entice others back will only drive away the stalwarts that enjoy it for what it is, (was), causing perhaps a brief increase in census followed by an even greater loss of players. The current idiotic anti camper gimmick has instantly turned the server into a dimensionless run-an-gunner with no opportunities for getting cleverly attacked or figuring out clever ways to attack. There are often places in maps that cost you to reach but might offer commanding fields of fire. Those are all out of reach with the anti-camping annoyance running. Please return it to what it was. Create a new one if someone wants anti camping etc.
  12. SPUCK

    LOL. On the subject.. I've never figured out why a car that seats two less people than a Camry, gets worse mileage, and is a deathtrap is called "smart".
  13. SPUCK

    Indeed... my late night game buddy. En effet ... mon copain fin de match d'hier soir.
  14. SPUCK

    Hahaha. Cool. Cat prolly rolled in racoon crap or something and the dog loves it.
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