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  1. Bexx

    Thanks for the love guys. Haven't been around much lately as i've recently started a dispensing optician course which is pretty full on with as assignment to do each week when I get home from work! I've actually been away for a few days as part of my course and was supposed to have a mock exam today but fortunately it didn't go ahead!
  2. Bexx

    Why go to XI fest? You get to see Wildthing in a black t'shirt and blue jeans
  3. Bexx

    Hey guys, Bit of a long shot but I'm looking for a batman costume for my husband for our joint 30th party in October. Thing is he's a huge fan so doesnt want to settle for a standard costume- he wants to look amazing! So just wondering if any of you have one I could borrow/buy. He's a bit of a chunky guy so I'd say around a uk XL-XXL. Post any pics you have and let me know how much. Thanks x
  4. Bexx

    We use a programme in work called Socrates. We also wear socks!
  5. Bexx

    The right breast
  6. Bexx

    Thanks for all the welcomes guys but I think it's time for me to move on. I've really enjoyed my time at XI but it's time for me to spread my wings... Lol just kidding! I really appreciate you all letting me back in. And @@Hunter yeah I'm here to stay this time. Love yas all x
  7. Bexx

    yaaaaay thanks guys
  8. Nope im more of a tomato sauce kinda man (hey tiger?)
  9. Potato waffles, potato smilies, turkey drummers and spaghetti hoops. Such a child's lunch!
  10. Bexx

    Happy Birthday my dear. Hope you have had a wonderful day x
  11. Raiders of the lost vagina Indiana Jones and the vagina of doom Indiana Jones the vagina crusade Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal vagina
  12. Narnia time: The lion, the witch and the vagina Prince vagina the voyage of the vagina treader (my fave)
  13. Taking it Disney style: Vagina story Vagina and the beast Finding vagina Vagina Book (or Jungle Vagina) Sword in the vagina Sleeping vagina Vagina in Wonderland Snow vagina
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