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  1. Sorry RobMc. I cant get into my admin settings. May have wrong passwords. I'm trying to correct my login. You should message Loader about your map loading malfunction.
  2. I should scrape my shoes more often, the poop's getting deep
  3. We have Moose in BC. Elk, Deer, Wolverines, Cougars, Bobcat, Martin, Beavers, Otters, Lynx, Grizzlies, Black, Spirit Bears, Mountain Sheep, Mountain Goats, Wild Horses, Squirrels, Chipmunks, Bison, Wild Boars, Wild Turkeys, Coyotes, Wolves, Caribou, Muskrats, Bald Eagles, Golden Eagles, Red-Tailed Hawks, Osprey, Horned Owls, Grey, Snowy, Screech, Barn Owls, Badgers, Rattlesnakes, Bull Snakes , Garter Snakes, Painted Turtles, Mud Turtles, Tree Frogs, Toads, Ling Cod, Pike, Bass, Trout, White fish, Whales, Ogopogo, Big Foot and Mrs. Scott down the street.
  4. Logan

    Happy Birthday Zapper. All the best to you buddy on your special day
  5. Logan

    A very happy birthday to you Budman. Notice how kind I am by typing this wish, that way, your arm wont get tired holding that big ass horn up to your ear.
  6. So Tiger Woods, as an example of previous sport excellence, has been charged with a DUI, but of course it not his fault because he mixed his back pain medication with SOMETHING ELSE? Good example for younger people to look up to. Time and time again people are caught being stupid assholes but it is not their fault. Its society, school, church, alcohol, drugs, gender turmoil, economics, race, neighborhood, mental health or maybe the neighbors dog told them to do it. People involved in highly stressful occupations or situations usually end up turning their frustrations out on themselves. It is the ones that seem to have the time and the ability to change or the opportunity to do great things or help those less fortunate, or set an example for the young, that just seem to blame their failures on something else. Or the murderer that blames a voice in his head for cutting off the head of an innocent rider on a bus that just happened to be sitting in front of him. And his lawyers brilliantly claim he is mentally disturbed. Of course he is you assholes, he killed a person. Isn't any person killing another person (outside of war or defence) mentally disturbed, I think at the time of course they are. It should not be used as get out of time served card. Lawyers should go to prison too if they know their client is guilty and try to circumvent the truth for a technicality. These are my opinions of course. I might be wrong but if you have Swastikas tattooed on your skin head and wear spikes(or not) your probably not scout master material. Society didn't hold you down and put those on your head, YOU DID. Admit your an asshole and clean yourself up. I sure am not perfect by a long shot, but I do, try not to be an asshole
  7. Logan

    Happy Birthday to you Athena . I hope yours was great. Thank-you all and everybody have a great day
  8. Logan

    My dog started out as Sally and as she got older it changed to Stinky. She likes it. Your dogs a male, Butch comes to mind, you can always change it latter. ha-ha
  9. Happy Birthday buddy, I hope you have a great one or two!
  10. Happy Birthday Dean, wishing you all the best, Cheers.
  11. Logan

    Happy Birthday Kami, Cheers buddy
  12. America is great and your an asshole if you don't believe it, cherish what you have.
  13. Logan

    Your a good man Loader, as his ship crosses over the horizon may you and your loved ones find peace and calm in the harbor waters of the Lord.
  14. Logan

    Cancer can be beat, I know first hand. Good treatments are available and it is amazing what can be done nowadays. Personally I got mad at it , like it was a thing and not a disease. Let the doctors do their thing and you take care of your emotions any way that works. Stay tough my friend and don't ever let it beat you.
  15. Logan

    Your new thermostat is it the correct temp. unit? The older engines ran around 180 to 195. The newer engines run a hotter thermostat due to EGR and emission controls. Also, does your thermostat sit flat horizontal or does it sit in the engine vertical to the block, if so, check to make sure the vent hole in the thermostat is to the top of the block, so air doesn't get trapped. To check if it is a flow problem try a radiator pressure pump. It pumps air into your (full) cooling system to check for leaks (pressure drop)blown head gaskets (pressure build) plugged rads (rev engine and see if it builds slight pressure, then let it idle and the pressure should drop fast, if not, then your rad is restricting flow) These pumps are not that expensive or your garage could do it. Should give you an answer. Hope it helps.