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  1. Thank God for some sanity from Ricko, to help burn out the image!!!!!!
  2. Well here's one closer to the 100 - (years or replies - LOL) Happy birthday Pete!!! I am so confused!!!!
  3. Hey. Guys. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I have some stuff going on right now but come July 1 I should be free and clear (and, no, I am not in jail - LOL) I will start reloading all my old COD stuff and I will be back.!!!
  4. Rest in Peace Dolphin>X!< You will be missed!!!
  5. So sorry for your loss. Words fail me. She was always fun to play with and against. I regret never having had the chance to meet her. I pray that she is in a better place and is in peace. My sincerest condolences.
  6. You realize 2000k is actually 2,000,000 right - idiot LOL Congrats u whore
  7. Well wouldn't that be awesome. Have the thing literally 10 minutes from where I was planning on living till my failed relocation died (Mason, OH) Gott love it. Still Cinci is only 5 hours away. LOL
  8. Happy Birthday old timer. Hope you have many, many more!!!!
  9. Chuffin Nora!!!!! Speaking as a Lancashire lad, born and bred. I can relate to all these Along with such words as: owt (anything) nowt (nothing) ta (thank you) ta ra (cheerio) butty (sandwich) wazzock (idiot, nuisance) cewd (cold) crackin' (great) shufti (look-see) bog (toilet) I could go on for hours ya load of manky gits
  10. Nah, Admins have to be a "special" type of idiot - LOL
  11. Well I can identify Laszlo on the right 'cos I worked with him for 13 years. I miss good German Beer, Have a couple for me Laz
  12. I am not specifically anti-union, but especially in the US, seniority forces the Airline to keep the older, more senior flight attendants which is why you see mostly 40/50+ year old women as FAs on most domestic flights. There does seem to be a pretty sour attitude all around although I do think some of that is passenger created. Some of the shit they have to put up with is pretty bad. Doesn't give them the right to be assholes with the rest of us though. If you want good looking flight crew, fly international with a non-US airline. I remember back in the 80's flying on Singapore Airlines and every single attendant was a total knock-out. I have heard it is still like that.
  13. Wait, this means LOM is our resident Ned Ryerson - watch out for that first step - it's a doozy!!!
  14. Where I come from "turtle head" means something else if you don't know watch "The Spy who Shagged Me") LOL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBFa545nVFk
  15. damn that brings back some memories (Mike Harding not Strangeways) LOL
  16. Hey, Mike Harding grew up around 10 miles from me so I can translate too. Although I will probably tell you to bugger off also :-)
  17. That sure cheered my day up - well done GG
  18. I have my copy of WaW. I never even play it so I can lend it to you anyway you want
  19. Well, the deal is done. They came through with the conditions I was looking for so I decided to re-accept. They are covering my COBRA payment up front and have promised the relocation funds up front also. They even sweetened the pot with an extra week's vacation I handed my 2 weeks notice in today. My boss was totally blindsided and not very happy. This was right after he set me up as the guy to close out two of our biggest problem jobs to those customers (Subaru and GM). Now he has to go back to them and say "change of plan - we don't have one yet" January 6 is my first day on the job in Kentucky. Now the fun part starts - trying to relo the family over the next 3 months or so. Woo, hoo.................................I think LOL
  20. Well the good news and the bad news: After all the round about stuff they made me an offer I couldn't refuse so I accepted. That was a couple of weeks ago and reality has now set in and I think I am going to back out of it. The company and the position looks good, so do the people and there was plenty of good areas to move too (we were looking around the Blue Ash area of Cincinnati) but this is where the problems started First off, the promise of health insurance from day one became "oh we just changed that policy to after 30 days" - funny no one mentioned that during the interviews. Then the relocation money that they promised me in order to move for my promised start date of Jan 6 became "You will get that in your first pay check ($15k). - potentially 3 weeks after I start. So basically they want me to relocate my family, on my dime, in the next 4 weeks (with a major holiday in the middle). I just don't think i can do it. Especially pulling my 8 yr old out of school in the middle of the year and dumping him in another curriculum that most likely does not match up. (he is struggling in school right now) We discussed it as a family and the decision was made to back out. It's a shame as it was quite a major upward move and would have more than made up for some crap stuff that happened in my last employment place. So now we are targeting some time in the summer for somewhere, as we still desperately want to get out of the Detroit area - just not right this minute!!!!
  21. Of course I have been known to be wrong on occasion http://blogs.wsj.com/speakeasy/2013/11/15/how-volvo-created-the-jean-claude-van-damme-video/
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