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  1. KnightWolf

    Speedy Recovery Mad Doc
  2. KnightWolf

    congrats! finally Took long enough!
  3. KnightWolf

    Little late to the party, but about flipping damn time! Welcome to the idiots Tinkle.. Hands Twinklestorm a shiny new Knife to stab me in the back with.. LOL!
  4. KnightWolf

    hey Duck, today while on website a few times when moving back in forth around the website got this. message.
  5. KnightWolf

    Why did Mickey send Minnie to the nuthouse.... She was fucking GOOFY!... badabing! I will escort myself off the forums now.. haha.
  6. KnightWolf

    Now that would be Hilarious to come home to!!! Rambo Cat!!!
  7. KnightWolf

    Only thing I have noticed is once setting up all my keybinds every so often they will get dropped mostly my team thawing key bind and my pick up dropped weapon bind. other than that no issues really noted.
  8. KnightWolf

    being a security guard myself. thankfully I hope to never have to deal with that shit as I am in a federal building site but yeah. people are whacko! they've started handing out fines and warnings here in the Vancouver area for more than 1 person per vehicle. which I think is utterly cray cray. What if a family is going somewhere? hmmm
  9. Hey all, I am just trying to reinstall WaW on a windows 10 machine but it doesn't seem to want to take? Anyone else have this issue or is it WaW doesn't like Windows 10?
  10. KnightWolf

    Welcome Perle! sit back enjoy the ride!
  11. KnightWolf

    Welcome Poppyseed!
  12. KnightWolf

    Welcome to the Clan.
  13. KnightWolf

    Thanks all, I am back on TS it worked.
  14. KnightWolf

    Not sure if this is the right forum to post this, but had to reinstall TS and can't seem to log into the teamspeak server with the address provided on the webiste. Is it wrong I am doing the address then : then the 916 number. HELP!
  15. KnightWolf

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to all you idiots! I hope everyone has a great holiday season and be safe out there!
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