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  1. I'm a torn Penguins fan. On one hand I'm rooting for Fleury and on the other hand I don't want the Pens elimination by the Caps to be in vain. So I'm just enjoying some excellent playoff hockey and will root for an overtime game 7 for the best trophy in all of sports. Go Pens! Lets get 3 in 4 years.
  2. You're welcome! I live a few hours of Norfolk and have toured the Wisconsin that is shown. You really can't fathom the enormity of those guns and the ship as a whole until you've been on one. Highly recommend touring a BB if you live close to one.
  3. Finally got around to watching this the other day. New series on PBS. Well done and worth watching for you history buffs. http://www.pbs.org/video/wwii-mega-weapons-battleship-yamato-8f4mtu/
  4. I haven't played in years and would enjoy checking out a game or two. I'll be on TS tonight and Thursday. Hit me up and we'll get something going.
  5. Sure did. Error she says. Say wah?
  6. I didn't realize so many of ya'll play. That's awesome. My schedule is all over the place this weekend but will be figuring out how to add ya'll and getting in on TS soon enough. Looking forward to it!!
  7. So just starting playing this gem about 2 weeks ago and am totally addicted. Had freaking dreams about it and shit....lol. I know some of you other freeze taggers play. Looking to get on teamspeak and have a bit more fun in these battles. Who else is playing? My game name is Ra1sin
  8. Thanks guys. Celebrating my 5th annual 39th birthday.
  9. I see it is happening to others which is no surprise. A simple google search shows that it is not an uncommon problem but the solutions seem to vary. For whatever reason it hasn't happened but one other time since posting this. Windows has updated at least once since so perhaps there was something in there that fixed but who knows. But now I've probably jinxed the whole damn thing and it will minimize on me next time I play...lol.
  10. Woot! I did it. And it is official. I. Am. An. Idiot! I'll see you freeze taggers in game on Friday night.
  11. I reinstalled after copying my profile, maps and mods folders. I did decide to install it to the HDD this go around. I had it previously installed on the SSD which was very full. Not sure how much that had to do with it but figured it couldn't hurt. It does hurt my map load times but doesn't really matter cause I'd be the first one or 2 in there but still would have to wait 8-10 seconds for the round to start anyway.
  12. I was just going for as fresh a reinstall as possible is all. But yeah, saving them both would be easiest.
  13. @Hefe33 Is that gif on your profile LDShadowlady?
  14. Before I reinstall, what file folder for the freeze tag server do I need to keep. I don't want to lose all my rank and progress. Is it this filepath with the .ff file and iwd file: C:\Users\Raisi\AppData\Local\Activision\CoDWaW\mods\xinam Or is it this filepath with the mpdata and mpdatabk0000 files: C:\Users\Raisi\AppData\Local\Activision\CoDWaW\players\profiles\Raisin\mods\xinam
  15. It doesn't matter what I do. What's funny is that it asks me to create an online profile but yet I clearly see in the right hand corner it has me online as Raisin. I just don't understand how this crap simply happen overnight... I don't think I have a choice but to reinstall.