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  1. There are usually 3-5 of us in the Teamspeak channel almost every night after 10 eastern. Come on in and join us.
  2. I should be able to play on Weds and Thurs night.
  3. Raisin

    Happy Birthday!!
  4. I'd be game. Just not sure what night right now. I'll have to look at my schedule later.
  5. Pretty sure if you attach the grip you lose perk slot 1. Not really sure if it's worth it in that case. I'd rather have 3 nades or satchels than a grip. But if that is the case then it seems to be balanced well if the gun is that much better.
  6. Raisin

    This is mine for Windows 10: C:\Users\Raisi\AppData\Local\Activision\CoDWaW\players\profiles My game is installed on D but it stores this profile info on whatever drive windows is on, fyi.
  7. Raisin

    What OS?
  8. Raisin

    Thanks for the clarification.
  9. Raisin

    Regretfully I didn't realize there was a vote. But then again, I don't make the time in the forums as much as others unfortunately. You are a good player and would have voted for you. Those that go straight to hacking accusations because they are getting owned need to get over themselves. You only get better by playing better players. I was accused of hacking as well, so I was told. I consider it a compliment.
  10. Raisin

    I haven't played any Fantasy Sports in about a decade but am giving Hockey a casual go this year. Here is a link to the site I'm using. https://www.fantrax.com/ After you create an account join my League: https://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/league/nhl/join League Name: AnybodysGame2018 Password: Crapitals It's an automatic draft. Meaning you will rank your players and it will draft them according to rank and availability at 11PM on 10/2. I am going to open this up to the public on Monday around noon to help fill up the remaining slots in the League. If you know someone who wants in feel free to share the info.
  11. Raisin

    Now you are Green Dragon to me.
  12. Raisin

    I'm a torn Penguins fan. On one hand I'm rooting for Fleury and on the other hand I don't want the Pens elimination by the Caps to be in vain. So I'm just enjoying some excellent playoff hockey and will root for an overtime game 7 for the best trophy in all of sports. Go Pens! Lets get 3 in 4 years.
  13. You're welcome! I live a few hours of Norfolk and have toured the Wisconsin that is shown. You really can't fathom the enormity of those guns and the ship as a whole until you've been on one. Highly recommend touring a BB if you live close to one.
  14. Finally got around to watching this the other day. New series on PBS. Well done and worth watching for you history buffs. http://www.pbs.org/video/wwii-mega-weapons-battleship-yamato-8f4mtu/