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  1. Raisin

    My gut says the market corrections are FAR from over.
  2. Skuzapo usually does it Sunday morning but he used a PTO day.
  3. OMG! Would love to see ya'll again! Too much going on this year and another trip with all else planned just isn't in the cards.
  4. Location looks awesome! Don't think we are making it out this time. Amy and I had such a good time at the last event. Maybe in 2023.
  5. Raisin

    Glad everyone is safe. So many amazing safety features in these new vehicles. Between the two that is a lot of insurance money that will be paid out for repair/replacement. Yikes!
  6. Not a lot of the players that play on the server regularly are active on the website. This is probably a waste of time. I appreciate the effort no less.
  7. I've never been a fan of how fast the carbine shoots. Completely unrealistic and overpowered. It's gone from a gun that nobody ever uses to one that players spray and pray their way to kills. It should not shoot as fast as an MG42 and it does.
  8. Raisin

    When we had our house built I had Cat 6 installed in office, family room and every bedroom. Woot!
  9. Raisin

    Sup Sauce
  10. I like the rounds change. Played all the maps but three. There are others that were on before me that may have actually played through the whole rotation.
  11. Raisin

    - Vaccinated or not, you can still get and spread the virus. - If I'm vaccinated and you are not how does this harm me? It doesn't. - I got vaccinated not because I was forced to, but because I chose to and I trusted it. - From time to time the Tree of Liberty must be watered by the blood of patriots and tyrants.
  12. Not really understanding how this would work. Will the server load maps based on number of players in server or you doing it by time of day? And I agree with Athena. There are lots of small maps that are fun to play regardless of player numbers. Crash for example. The maps in general are an issue. Was my understanding that the reason we migrated to OW from Vietnam mod was for different maps and yet in a rotation of say 15 maps in a given week we seldom see any that we didn't play on the regular on the Nam server. Old game, same old tired maps...I get that.
  13. Raisin

    Does this mean we can call you Iman now. haha All jokes aside, hope you make a full recovery. Good vision is such a blessing.
  14. Looking for folks to do Clan Battles. Would be in the evenings from 8-11ish. Need 7 players I believe. We have a ton of members in this group but in reality only about 4-6 of us are active in this game. Who is up for it? *Must have a tier 10 ship OR have a tier 8 which will unlock you 3 thirty day rental tier 10's that are good only for Clan Battles.
  15. Honestly if someone could do a restart around 7 every night that would be fine. That's about the time the first folks of the night start coming in. Admins start coming in by 9 at the latest and it's a non issue after that. Can you set it to restart at a certain time every day?
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