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  1. Alcee


    Sooo, I finally fixed my Password (again). TS Kinda of have issues there. Have it down loaded, but can't seem to work it. I am not the most computer savvy person. Not even sure how I would activate it when in your games. But anyway, I really love playing on your games, you are all so awesome! Boom! Alcee Out
  2. Alcee

    Ok, I have have kids. Boys play hockey, daughter is a cheerleader. I do not trust the government so I am a homeschooler (I don't exactly like it, but it is what it is). Cant get the song "Season Of The Witch" ( by Donovan) out of my head. So I am gonna get you to have it in your head too. "Aim for the bushes!" (name the movie).
  3. Alcee

    Ok, Thanks Penguin for getting me rolling. I know a lot of you admins have been trying to for a few years. It is defiantly a tricky deal for me to be a part of this cool group. Stupid shit: I love hockey, I like my vodka (Tito's is best next to Effin cucumber). My head is pretty much in the clouds 90% of the time (which is probably best for everyone). And on that note, when I figure out more to tell, Ill let ya know.
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