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  1. Gul'Dan

    Wow, there go the very low standards we had. Haha, welcome ya idiot
  2. Gul'Dan

    Found somewhere that has their rules straight, no damned @WldPenguin
  3. Gul'Dan

    Where in BC are you from? I live in Kamloops
  4. Gul'Dan

    @Timmah!, when are you getting the band back together, you guys sounded great!
  5. Gul'Dan

    I always have time for an FU for Timmah...
  6. Gul'Dan

    I was told there would be cake... where's the cake?
  7. Gul'Dan

    Happy birthday ya filthy animal!
  8. Gul'Dan

    I'm getting excited, I get to see The Foo in Vancouver on Sept 8th!