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  1. Snow White

    Panic attacks are horrible.. My psychiatrist has me on seroquel & alprazolam.. Seroquel helps a lot with sleeping.. Xanax with panic disorder..
  2. Snow White

    The same applies to you...
  3. Snow White

  4. Snow White

    UT99.. Love the wheelchair guy https://app.photobucket.com/u/Amy_Lee1984/p/86ce0154-9455-46c0-a939-d660fd5f58c4
  5. Snow White

    I use the weapon with the most ammunition... Others will yell at me that I am to loud... IDK, It works for me.. Others yell about Bromo as well.. We chose our weapons, perks ect.. It's just a game that all should enjoy.. https://hosting.photobucket.com/images/a159/Amy_Lee1984/iw3mp_2019-02-04_20-22-20-22.bmp
  6. Agreed.. Commercials daily during soap operas from attorneys about Covid shots 2020-2021...
  7. Snow White

    Loco?? Looks fun.. I love your Simpsons maps.. Play them daily..
  8. Glad you're feel better.. The shot scares me ..
  9. Snow White

    It has a lot of stars.. Great move all around.. Love Oddball..
  10. Snow White

    Great movie.. Love Clint Eastwood movies...
  11. You spam a lot of topics...



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