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  1. Hey ! Welcome I am a banned user for no reason!


  2. Snow White

    Quake Champions Is free forever If you download before June 18 https://www.gamespot.com/articles/e3-2018-quake-champions-is-free-forever-if-you-dow/1100-6459644/ https://quake.bethesda.net/en/store?tab=5L5okTnjt6w8g4iM8CeEi
  3. Snow White

    I will play if it's the Freeze Tag mod... Big Bad Bot might have it,, Or will know where to get it...
  4. Snow White

  5. Snow White

    Unreal Tournament 99 Free download with all patches.... unreal://! I play on this sniper server,, No rules... All the best old maps with secrets and redeemers.. Canadian zark snipers unreal://
  6. Congrats WildPenguin, You deserve it!
  7. Snow White

    Hiya MARKOFFXI, I like your map, had a lot of fun even though we lost..
  8. Hiya Sammy, The game server stopped after mp_bungle was finished. It was around 12:35 am Tuesday morning
  9. Snow White

    Hiya BlackRose, Does the COD 5 server still have tanks??
  10. Love the new rotation. Thank you
  11. Merry Christmas! Thank you for having the best COD4 server & Mod. (Sammy) Have a Very Blessed day... Gothic
  12. mp_borisbeta crashes causing us to replay mp_forlorm
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