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  1. Cliffs_Edge

    Damn i put the wrong Guitar in ..lol...
  2. Cliffs_Edge

    Well played Stormy i love my Gibson SG too.....Keep it up
  3. Cliffs_Edge

    Wish you well ....See you soon.........
  4. Cliffs_Edge

    Thanks to all for birthday wishes....?
  5. Cliffs_Edge

    So sad to hear the news, will surely be missed.....R.I.P.
  6. Cliffs_Edge

    will have to keep an eye on those bands. Glad you had a good time...
  7. Cliffs_Edge

    Happy Birthday ....Have a nice day//
  8. Cliffs_Edge

    Well done Storm
  9. Cliffs_Edge

    Wishing you well Gump61
  10. Cliffs_Edge

    Thanks Guys and Gals for the birthday messages much appreciated but i'm sorry i will still have to kick yer asses.....Well try at least...lol..
  11. Cliffs_Edge

    Good for you Stormcrow Happy Guitaring....I have an SG too with P90 pickups in cherry red, my fav guitar Go Angus go ACDC.....lol...
  12. Cliffs_Edge

    Happy Birthday Buddy...
  13. Cliffs_Edge

    One of my fav bands Malcolm a pure legend RIP

    Happy Birthday have a good one Rock :yahoo:

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    2. Cliffs_Edge


      i'm all good Rockman how you been not seen you on here for sometime why? hope all is well...

    3. ROCKMAN


      I am out of work due to a pinched nerve, I bought a new cp. but having trouble trying to use cod???? need a really good nerd friend to help me sort it out.. Been playing titanfall. do you have that 1?



    4. Cliffs_Edge


      tell me the problem i'll sort it out what is spec i'm waiting for my new PC normally i would build my own but could not get the parts cheaper.. Sorry to hear your outta work Man that suks hope your leg gets better...

      Cliff         See you in my sights 🧐



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