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  1. Hey, Steve-Oh, happy birthday, buddy!

    Paul, aka "Ayaq"

  2. Uk300

    Me and hotel
  3. Uk300


    Whoohoo in going on a boat trip
  4. Uk300

    Beer money all saved up matey can't wait
  5. No earlier ones matey unless Luton and that's to early
  6. Pissed of to say the least just had notification my flight to Berlin has a 3 hour delay so I won't be getting in to Berlin till 18.10 I'm well gutted. and the return flight is 2 hours early aswell pffttt
  7. Uk300

    Hello son lol welcome to XI you will soon meet a lot of idiots
  8. Uk300

    appy birthday have a great day
  9. Uk300

    I like I like
  10. Uk300

    It's a while away yet but I'm getting excited so.what are we doing apart from drinking and eating. What's worth going to see ???
  11. Uk300

    I'll book east midlands when dadda does.same flight 6.30 on the Thursday.
  12. Uk300

    Morning all I'm buying bf1 this afternoon.1 who is doing the download the cheapest.2 is the ultimate edition worth £104.98 on origin. Thanks
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