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  1. Frozahn

    Misschien kan jij dat ook doen , dan heb je misschien minder Engelse taalfouten
  2. Frozahn

    Game is ok for a console , but way to much ported on the pc
  3. Frozahn

    Dankje Alleen Wat is inter?
  4. Frozahn

    Just practice alot and go on 1v1 arena aim servers u will get better from that
  5. Frozahn

    My main account is Eagle , My smurf account is Legendary eagle master deranked from supreme .
  6. Frozahn

    Gefeliciteerd Knul!
  7. Frozahn

    Congratz edd now u can finally go to bed
  8. Frozahn

    You guys can add my smurf account : http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198198067151/ (my main account is Eagle Rank ) so its hard to play with people below mge because there's a ranked difference)
  9. Frozahn

    Yes , you can put it on ur own server (i found it throught the workshops on steam) you can play free for all on , tdm , gun game
  10. Frozahn

  11. Frozahn

    If you Watch your game back there is a option to put X-RAY on [X} Button on the keyboard
  12. Frozahn

    I've got multiple frags from csgo that i'd like to get in 1 movie for aroudn 2/3 minutes. So i wonder if someone here is good with sony vegas or a other movie edit program? This is something from mine clips but i'd think its better that i give u the demo's.
  13. Frozahn

    This is Predat0rs Garage
  14. Frozahn

    Happy Birthday Smurf Have a good day



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