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  1. BattlewolF

    play it every day
  2. BattlewolF

    Asked Trump he is cleverest president america ever have
  3. BattlewolF

    This is for people who can not build their own pc I build all self
  4. BattlewolF

    My youngest grandson wish all idiots also Merry Christmas WhatsApp Video 2019-12-24 at 18.39.07.mp4
  5. Here the same problems netherlands
  6. And who likes this game mode , best place for me so far was ending as 6 place.
  7. BattlewolF

    Part 2 the end 100 years is over 27 years , today we have it over the great war ww 1
  8. BattlewolF

    Whole day on tv tonight on bbc 2 documantary they shall not grow old all old material into color . I remember them lot of people forgot this 100 year ago now end at this day 11-11-18 at 11.11 am
  9. BattlewolF

    warship at this moment you can not do warship battle, only shoot with 1 dreadnought and that was earlyer also in a map
  10. BattlewolF

    Thats wath i say it will be boring all the same just shooting we played to much of those games. A new map new weapons other game mode oke for few days and it is boring again.
  11. BattlewolF

    I played the new DLC but at least it is all the same just shooting. btf 3 / 4 etc. But there are new maps france army etc. If you bought the game and you like it just get premium.
  12. BattlewolF

    Do not belive this guy he will rape some of us that is a typical sales gimmick 1 of us wil pay see no shit and he is gonne 1 day member shure you idiot go away from our site
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