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  1. Buzz

    Add me if you want Name: BuzzLightBeer_DK
  2. Buzz

    The price is around 45.000,- DKr. (6000$) as it is now. There is made some few modifikations.
  3. Buzz

    It´s a Cal. 308 Mag.
  4. Ruger M77 Hawkeye Tactical
  5. Buzz


    thx m8's
  6. Buzz


    Hi all need an advice... Nvidia Gforce GTX 660 or Radeon HD 6970 ? Which one is the best ?
  7. Buzz

    Hey Coop ... Nice killing You on the servers... allmost to easy
  8. Buzz

    Nice to se you here also.... Cya on the server m8
  9. Naa champ. a bit to far away.. but i would like to
  10. Buzz

    Thnx to all of you... <--- This is my happy face and this is my WAR face Thnx for the Admin welcome
  11. Buzz

    Nice to see you here
  12. Buzz

    Hmmm Duck is modern in XI... Maybe Duckbill



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