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  1. trust me.....if you saw my garage "beer fridge", you would realize that a keg just can't compete.....right WldPenguin?! ;-)
  2. It was a dark maroon. Shitty lighting makes it look more pink than it really was...
  3. So, some may have noticed that I have been absent from the MW2 Freezetag server lately, due to my kitchen remodel. Many have asked for me to post pics. Here are some before and after shots of the kitchen remodel....it's finally starting to wind down a bit!! Still need to install the tile backsplash, hook up dishwasher, install finish panels around dishwasher and install crown molding. All the hard work is done!!!
  4. WELL DESERVED! Congrats Kitty!!
  5. Really liking these guys.....Just about every tune they have turns into a hit.
  6. Uh.............
  7. Come to think of it...... Can we make the knives more powerful?!? Or maybe make them throwing knives instead of close quarter knives?!?!?
  8. Damn dude.....watching that makes me feel more inadequate than I felt before! LOL Hell of a game! The commentary throughout was awesome! What did you use to record that? Everyone should post some video of their gameplay......
  9. I think my favorite part was the first kill of the video that you got....... "You killed mike Hawk"