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  1. Smithers

    Just don't end up like this guy -----------------> https://www.thatslife.com.au/man-accused-of-cutting-off-rabbit-s-back-legs-with-pair-of-scissors
  2. Allergic to them anyways.
  3. I have to buy a new cat every month because I keep running over them on my driveway. Maybe, I should find a new place for their litter box.
  4. Smithers

    We already have a Hellspawn in our server. I think you will have to change your name. Unless you turn out to be a better player and not curse in Spanish when you get destroyed. If so, we welcome you and we will tell our existing Hellspawn to change his name to Grimace.
  5. Smithers

    Thanks Timmah for the work you do. Can't imagine seeing death everyday. It can't be easy to witness it anytime even though you've "seen it before". Prayers are with you bro. Stay positive !
  6. So glad bro, did the fluid problem disappear totally ? After I had Covid, I tested myself out by walking 4 miles. I checked to see if I could handle it (post-Covid). The incessant coughing (9 days) had me worried that I wouldn't be able to perform physical activities or exercise in the future. This was about 3 weeks after my symptoms disappeared and I thought it'd be safe to go out. Felt good, didn't have to stop. Wasn't gasping for air. Also, a friend of mine is experiencing post-Covid brain-fog where he has trouble focusing and concentrating. Not to scare you but these and other lingering effects are real and you should watch for after recovering. Go to your doctor, get yourself a complete check, heart, lungs. If doctor says it's unnecessary tell him HE is unnecessary and get a new doctor.
  7. I had diarrhea as well. It's your body trying to dispel the virus.
  8. Some tips: 1. Sleep with your chest down. 2. Keep hydrated. Drink lots of water. 3. Eat something light like chicken soup even though you may not feel like it. Your body needs nutrients to fight. 4. One thing that had me worried was the virus getting to my lungs. So everyday when I woke up I would try to hold my breath for as long as I could to test them out. If your lungs get worse go to the hospital. 5. I lived on oranges and water for about 6 six days before I started eating again. 6. Ask the Good Lord for help.
  9. Another big thing for me Timmah is a matter of trust. There are a lot of findings, contradictory studies and bs out there that I really have to step back and wait how this all plays out. Not to say that the article that you pointed out is false. But I can't be sure. Stories about our past president secretly banking on herd immunity while lying to the public that vaccines were being distributed has played a major role in my lack of trust. I'm not against vaccines in general but I think we rolled this one out pretty quick. With confidence I can say we don't know enough.
  10. To tell you the truth, after I've had Covid (I'm in NYC) I rarely wear a mask. Only out of respect for others do I put it on like on buses, trains & stores, otherwise. When I walk out on the streets I don't use a mask. Besides, Covid masks don't protect you 100%. Maybe I'm lucky but I'm sure I must've bumped into someone with carrying the virus while commuting in public transportation in NYC. Or maybe most people in NYC have had it. The Covid numbers (incidences, deaths) published are off by a lot. When I had it, nobody recorded my infection because I wasn't permitted to a hospital since I wasn't at the point of death (although it was pretty bad enough for me to make a call to the hospital). I'm sure there were thousands of people in my situation at that time. So the Covid numbers are definitely off.
  11. I'm lucky to have had it and survived. Now, knowing what I went through, I don't think any vaccine is going to make much of a difference for me. Nobody really knows how long natural immunity lasts. The experts don't really know either though some of them claim that natural immunity lasts for 3, 6 or maybe 9 months. But they don't really know. It could be lifetime immunity. I'm banking on my natural immunity and waiting to see how the vaccine plays out for the next 10-12 months. I would really like to see how much immunity I have, not just a positive/negative test. If you find out how you can get a level of immunity test, I'd like to know. I'm on the lookout for it.
  12. Hey FunStick. Keep us updated. I had no vaccine and it (Covid) lasted about 10 days. If it's short term discomfort consider yourself lucky. Keep you in my prayers.
  13. Smithers

    Big Pharma rules with greed. When I was 14 and diagnosed with Type I diabetes, insulin cost about $20-$25 a vial (monthly supply). Now, it "costs " more than $300 per vial monthly (and that's being conservative). I put costs in double quotes because you and I know that, if anything, the cost should have gone down or at least remained the same given the advances in manufacturing over the past 4 decades. Now the diabetic market is flooded with useless gimmicks as more people are becoming (or have been made) diabetic. Medical insurance knows it so they deny diabetics adequate insulin and force them to take cheaper watered-down versions of insulin like Admelog which they falsely claim works the same. I believe, they have the cure and won't reveal it because that would kill their cash cow.
  14. Smithers

    Saw the video KaptCrunch. I agree with you, there is definitely something not right. I'm a Type I diabetic along with millions of others in this country. This technology could have been used to help diabetics control their blood sugar. Now all of a sudden, this technology, which they've probably have had for years, shows its face in order to "combat" a pandemic. Scary times.
  15. Smithers

    I was finally able to connect. The issue was with my ISP modem not playing nice with my router. But I CAN connect now. Thnx Penguin.
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