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  1. LoJaK

    WOW !!! Deja Vue...Again... Can't wait to bitch slap you again Streatcleaner...LOL
  2. Thanks a bunch YACCster... Replaced the .exe file and works ... thanks again
  3. Can't find the version...where do i go and yes i'm using steam
  4. Came back from vacation and found out i could not get back on any xi server and other clan servers either.. when i scan the internet i only get about 25 hits. Use be 1000's . tried pinging server through window 10 cmd , ping is ok but can not detect via CoD 4 . Anybody have an idea ?
  5. LoJaK

    Happy Birthday Giggles......... :wine: :give_rose:
  6. LoJaK

    Bonne Fête Athena .... Bien Venu dans club des Quatre Roues ...
  7. LoJaK

    Happy Birthday MadMonk2 ..... 21 AGAIN ....
  8. LoJaK

    Congrats Beers... ENJOY and welcome to the club
  9. LoJaK

    Ah Non...Kamikaze , ta laisser la porte ouvert et tu la laisser sortir..... sauver qui peut.. lol Nice to see u Made it Athena... Have Fun
  10. LoJaK


  11. OOPS ! Congrat Budman...Does that mean i can't kick your ass anymore in ACE MOD...OR GET BANNED...EH!
  12. Im so sorry Angel. Prayers for you and your family. Stay strong girl . Keep the FAITH..
  13. LoJaK

    Happy birthday Giggles
  14. Wow! Congratulations, opportunity is nocking...Go for it Girl you can do it....EH !
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