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  1. Demonio

    Thank you Bruv! I love this song - I played this a lot back in the day in cover bands Cheers My Friend!
  2. Demonio

    Nice man! Keep rockin and havin fun buddy!
  3. Demonio

    Be well and safe travels!!
  4. Demonio

    Cool Basil - I thought so....lots of Grayman stories around here
  5. Demonio

    I was doing an investigation of an old city jail in and old Southern US City that had been in operation from the 1600's to the 1930's. About 20 or so of us in a group and during a break, a fully open, MASSIVE iron gate closed before my eyes. At first I thought someone in our group closed it but nobody was there but me. I examined the gate thoroughly and it would NOT move freely. In fact it required significant effort as it was about 4' x 8' or larger, made of 2" wide horizontal and vertical bars in addition the the heavy iron frame. I accept that some force acted upon it that my eyes coul
  6. Demonio

    Which Island Basil? I live in the Lowcountry I'll go out there and do some ghost hunting!
  7. Demonio

    That's really sweet and caring...thanks for sharing this!
  8. It IS fun - the tone quest....I just got a new amp plugin/standalone computer-based amp, Neural DSP.....very odd to play through a computer, but the tones and technology are real. Used by some truly remarkable artists I know and I've decided to try it out - I'm blown away!!
  9. Demonio

    Hiya A1rbud! Nice to see you here and it's always a blast to see you in game. Love your sense of humor (you've had me bustin' up), and prefer it when we're on the same side otherwise you kick my arse! You're a great player What kinds of old movies do you like? Cheers! The Demon
  10. That's really cool Storm - you have good tone and love what your doing to sit in the pocket of those MT songs....good job! It's a special thing to know you r favorite artists personally and even acquire some of their gear....I dig that SG, but unfortunately I don't find them comfortable to play. Keep on enjoying your music, guitars and keep playing man!!
  11. Thanks Street!! Tone is every bit as important as quality playing.....I get a good signal direct out of my audio interface because of the loopback feature. Cheers!
  12. Hey Mike - Yes I have a studio. I believe this is the third one I've had and by far my best one yet. Gonna do some upgrades this year such as an Isolation room for my speaker cabinets, and a new console that controls my DAW perhaps, or a new studio desk. Probably add a new guitar, drums and add a 5-string bass.....and more mics and preamps.....focusing on quality instead of quantity.
  13. Aw Thanks a lot!! Glad that you play too I hack away all the time - that's most the fun...cheers!
  14. Many thanks !! Yes, I compose and perform my original works....don't really do much cover work, though I may be doing an acoustic cover at some point. Cheers!
  15. Thx!! I like a little funk with my groove
  16. Glad you dig it - thanks a ton!
  17. Many thanks!! And yes, I'm Mac and I'm proud
  18. Aw thanks man!! Cheers my friend
  19. Many thanks! I installed a string hacker plugin years ago - I highly recommend it
  20. Demonio

    Very kind of you to share all this Weed. You're lucky man to have such parents and I'll be sending prayers to you all. You're right, while this is a special community of gamers, and we enjoy good times with each other online, the connections with our families and their needs are of primary importance. That's a real nice pic - be well amigo! D
  21. Safe, smooth moves brother! Be well and safe
  22. Demonio

    Greetings My Friends, I'm experiencing sensations of sadness, gratitude, joy, and adjustment - that an old friend has left on a journey and I won't see them anymore with these eyes. I don't usually share much story, so this is kind of out of character for me.....sorry if it's long winded. I spent my early years as a guitarist cultivating my chops, giving myself to the wood and steel - then one day I heard Edward not long after Van Halen II was released. My life was different from then forward. I devoured every track of every album and found obscure recordings, bootleg and leg



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