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  1. I've found if I start the game and go get a beer it'll finally be up and running by the time I come back. Then I click on Multiplayer and go get another beer and by the time I get back I've forgotten what I was doing.
  2. 40-Mike

    I'm so sorry for your loss Dukoo.
  3. 40-Mike

    I'm on the west coast so by the time I get there you east coast people have quit for the day but I'll give it a try. I've been setting in BFV all afternoon (about 3 hours) while I watched hockey and aside from getting kicked for being idle I had no other action except one player stopping in. Sad because I really like BFV and would like a break from WAW.
  4. 40-Mike

    I do from time to time. I play under the name 4tyMike
  5. 40-Mike

    Happy Birthday All !
  6. 40-Mike

    Congrats! You have my uppermost respect and thanks for doing the job you held for so many years. Welcome to retirement, it's pretty nice. ?
  7. 40-Mike

    Notice the hair growing out of Walter's ears? Nice touch ?
  8. 40-Mike

    Happy Birthday !
  9. 40-Mike

    Happy Birthday All !
  10. 40-Mike

    Just bought CoD2 for $10 bucks! Heck of a deal. ?
  11. 40-Mike

    I was looking at buying CoD2 a couple weeks ago and decided to pass but now I'll take another look. I've had 4 and 5 since their original release dates so might as well get 2. From what I've read CoD2 still has a fairly good following. Thanks for the tip PainKiller
  12. 40-Mike

    It will be interesting to revisit this in about 2 weeks but considering the population of California is about 40 million and with no more people than are at this demonstration this won't cause much of a blip on the radar, but for those states like Georgia and Texas who just through their doors wide open... we shall see.
  13. 40-Mike

    Hi Esssieeeee!
  14. 40-Mike

    Good luck Toes. I'd like to hear the story on how you came up with 7Toes as a player name someday and that's an order soldier. Mash... loved that show ?
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