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  1. 40-Mike

    Happy Birthdays to you all!
  2. 40-Mike

    Thanks all 🥳
  3. 40-Mike

    US Army 67-69..... and thanks to all you others who have served 😉
  4. I was thinking I posted this in the wrong forum lol. Thanks Mot
  5. Wait, say what? :) So I just stopped in Server 1 and then went back to Server 2 and it erased all my weapons class names. I think I'll stay in Server 2.
  6. Thanks for answering my question guys. I think I got it. The >XI< DM Custom Maps 1 server is for non world class players (like me LOL), and you need to be invited and be given the password to get in but anyone can read the password here in the forums. XI admins know who should be in there and who shouldn't. If you come in you may be kicked or permanently banned for being a hacker or a jerk. Right?
  7. I'm sure the answer is here in the forums some where but I can't find it. What's the deal with the >XI< DM Custom Maps 1 server being passworded? Is it just for >XI< members? Is it just for special matches? Just curious. Thanks
  8. "2038"!!! I've been retired for 12 years ....now I really feel old. Thanks Merlin ?
  9. 40-Mike

    Almost there
  10. 40-Mike

    Probably the WAW DM2 server. There's a bad map that's hanging up the server. I think they switched to stock maps but it's still stuck. I could be wrong.
  11. 40-Mike

    40-Mike's Pics

    Nothing to see here keep moving
  12. 40-Mike

    10 now maybe YEAH!!
  13. 40-Mike

    ROLF spinpuppy ?
  14. 40-Mike

    Switched browsers from Firefox to Chrome and now I can post in the chat box again. I've also noticed the emoji's don't work very well with Firefox and I logging in on my laptop and using Firefox the website's background is all white and warped. I think it's a Firefox thing.
  15. 40-Mike

    No biggie Sitting-Duc. Think I have about 3 post to go and I'm there anyway. I've been a clan's webmaster and I know how much work it can be so thank you.
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