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  1. "2038"!!! I've been retired for 12 years ....now I really feel old. Thanks Merlin 😉
  2. 40-Mike

    Almost there
  3. 40-Mike

    Probably the WAW DM2 server. There's a bad map that's hanging up the server. I think they switched to stock maps but it's still stuck. I could be wrong.
  4. 40-Mike

    40-Mike's Pics

    Nothing to see here keep moving
  5. 40-Mike

    10 now maybe YEAH!!
  6. 40-Mike

    ROLF spinpuppy 🤣
  7. 40-Mike

    Switched browsers from Firefox to Chrome and now I can post in the chat box again. I've also noticed the emoji's don't work very well with Firefox and I logging in on my laptop and using Firefox the website's background is all white and warped. I think it's a Firefox thing.
  8. 40-Mike

    No biggie Sitting-Duc. Think I have about 3 post to go and I'm there anyway. I've been a clan's webmaster and I know how much work it can be so thank you.
  9. 40-Mike

    They giveth and they taketh away. For a minute there last night I could post in the coveted chat box and this this morning all gone. Well it was nice while it lasted.
  10. 40-Mike

    LOL Angelz I get it now. I'm kinda slow. I must be getting close to 10
  11. 40-Mike

    Guess I really stepped in it LOL. Well now I know and 10 or even 20 posts seems reasonable. I don't care one way or the other. Thanks all.
  12. It says " You don't have permission to chat" on my end. Do you have to be a member of >XI< to use the chat box?
  13. It would be an honor to try and joint you and the rest of the iIdiots Beers
  14. Not a member but becoming a regular on your WAW server. I'll be 72 in a couple weeks... I stopped counting a long time ago Started gaming back in the days of NovaLogic's Delta Force and still at it. Great servers >XI<