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  1. Zappy

    If this is only happening after gaming for a while may just be getting hot. Try taking side door off to get more air and check that cpu and video card cooling is not blocked or just dusty. Dust in cooling is like car low on oil lol. If it isn,t cooling problem next guess would be a strip of ram going bad or video card. Good luck !!
  2. There you go Blazing again 🚭
  3. Stopped watering her 2 yrs ago-Stopped talking to her 1 yr ago and still................... Whats a guy to do?
  4. Zappy

    Worst shit is all these peeps driving like they are running from eminent Nuke drop 100 mile an hour all the while posting on facebook via phone sheesh!! New law ! Shoot them on site and our world would be a safer place 🌎
  5. Zappy

    No your not. Stop sucking🍭 up
  6. Screw all that googly gook just go to nearest drugstore pick up the strongest pair of reading glasses they have and boom you can see the whites of there eyes before blasting them to kingdom come 👀 Lol works for us old sons a b------s !!!!
  7. Thank you for all the warm welcomes!! Goes to show even Idiots can be nice
  8. Actually I'm a painting contractor but that other job sounded more entertaining for this audience 🤣
  9. Zappy

    He means what he is saying-Just stay in the freeze tag servers and build your confidence up because once you go to the DM server Larsin will have dibs on your 1st or next born 🤰
  10. I corral cows all day for the slaughter with a big Flippin taser, hence the name. By the way some big flippin tasers in the freeze tag servers would be quite the treat Would give ragdoll setting a whole new level !!!!!
  11. Seems to me I heard something years ago about fps games. The claim was that 100 ping or close either way is the sweet spot for avoiding damage and causing damage. Maybe I should start a nice fat juicy download and go play for a bit Back when I played Unreal Tournament I remember a mod called zero ping which helped the high pingers almost to a fault. We ended up removing from server...... Online play will always be what it will be.
  12. Zappy

    I'm Ready to move to Carolina not just visit. North, South , East, West any flippin place without the Ohio winters!!! Way to long these days!!!! On a side note. Really Funky what did you do to that poor critter to make him feel that way? Sheesh nevermind.........
  13. Zappy

    Happy happy B-day to you, now blow up the candles 🎂
  14. Zappy

    I thought that was protocol ✍️ Add to handbook 🗺️
  15. Zappy

    OMG so true, I feel as tho I am running about with a flippin gas can that they cannot get enough of ⛽