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  1. Zappy

    Welcome...................Just remember to always keep your back to the wall around here :) Buncha back stabbin back shootin Idiots everywhere!!!!
  2. Zappy

    Nice!! Here we go again with the good cop - bad cop sh** ...... No really, which is which so I know when I can misbehave :)
  3. 1st like to say thanks Sammy love this mod, it is the only game I play. When I found xi freezetag server I was hooked. Any mild changes to me will make no difference just have to adapt. Would be awesome to have cattle prod size tasers tho that even worked on teammates to get them moving :)
  4. Zappy

    I just file extension every year. Those pos at the IRS can wait. Then I will cover the the BS interest they charge by writing off all the dog food my dog inhales every month✍️
  5. Zappy

    Welcome, welcome!!! Now when I shoot you I will be a little kinder by saying (excuse me, pardon me coming thru)
  6. That was some good clean fun. No one complaining, just lots of laughs!!!! Can we talk to Sammy about adding some tasers tho because the ragdoll effects would be the shiznit
  7. Zappy get to cleaning mofo!!!!!!
  8. Zappy

    To find the flat earth, round earth setting of your gps it is in the padded wall section just under the play in traffic setting 🚘
  9. Zappy

    Got lost this morning when my GPS in truck quit working. After checking my settings I then realized I had set GPS to round earth?? After some tweaks got the GPS working again set to flat earth!! We need some satellite tracking before I miss another breakfast meeting 🤣
  10. Congrats to Chile !!! Just hope he can over look all the things she said, I said, he said and everyone said 🤣
  11. Zappy

    Just 3 things to say-Bullshit,Bullshit and again Bullshit That's the last straw, I'm moving my business south before someone here in Ohio gets choked ⛄ Nice pics bro!!! Tell me that isn't a restored VW bus you drove to the beach because if it is I have 3 new things to say - On my way !!!!
  12. Zappy

    SHHHHH ! VHS I'm trying to fly under the radar. Then you go and throw up a billboard 🤣 Now that I looked it up you are right about urban dictionary definition lol. Regular dictionary definition zappy is (fast moving, energetic) The 1 you found may be closer to the truth
  13. Zappy

    Thank you all for your hospitality. No one can tell me to stop acting like an idiot anymore🤣 Can't wait to go for a spin and show off my new pinstripes !!!!
  14. Zappy

    Thanks pops, goes to show all those times you took me to the backyard for my beatings payed off.
  15. Zappy

    Did someone remove the filter button? I could have sworn it was next to the mute button that seems to have been misplaced as well! Sheesh..........How is a guy to get back to subject matter