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  1. lTplkey336

    Bio, what happenned to that beautiful head of hair you had as a child.
  2. lTplkey336

    Nice find. I too am addicted to craigs list. Look at it everyday wishing I have gotten stuff but abstain from buying. lol
  3. lTplkey336

    Welcome Mad Doc, do you make housecalls ?
  4. lTplkey336

    Timmah, how long you let that run everyday just curious , like the idea. was wondering if it would take care of the dust problem in my computer room. I hate dusting lol
  5. lTplkey336

    There are no races that are innocent of racism in my mind. Everyone no matter what race needs to work on it!
  6. Thanks Athena and Skuz , your the BEST!
  7. Skuz , some of us keep getting disconnected from game since this map pac was installed and the website disappears so you can not get back on.
  8. lTplkey336

    Its the Russians!
  9. lTplkey336

    Hope you and your mom are feeling better soon.
  10. lTplkey336

    Watch out where the huskies go, and dont eat none of that ------ snow!
  11. lTplkey336

    Have a cup of tea on me, no tax necessary.
  12. I'm betting Russia, but nobody will probably say anything due to possible death or imprisonment.
  13. lTplkey336

    Why thank you!
  14. lTplkey336

    Wow, took a while but I think you were just really blessed! Beautiful weekend.
  15. lTplkey336

    Crunch, you just gotta chill - If you cant I gotta pill! lol
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