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  1. Happy birthday Morris and many more to come!
  2. So when are you going professional at the comedy clubs. Pretty good material!
  3. Papa if you get cod 5 up and working try out the XI freeze tag. Busy times are around 2pm EST for Euro Players ( they do speak English} and 9pm est!
  4. Beautiful Pup! Dogs are truly your best friends,
  5. Nope you dont have a brain and know how to use it because I said Drey is an english teacher (which he is) and not you lol!
  6. Yeah Drey, and your an English Teacher? lol
  7. First time I seen you at a loss for words Drey.
  8. You must hunt them in Isle 3 of your local supermarket right next to the can of peas!
  9. No I live in western NY . I have talked with you once before and know the good things you do for people ,God bless you for all you do. I like this pc we are old friends. Wife has got a new gaming pc so in a pinch if I really need something done that wont work on mine I can just use hers, but it aint happenned yet. lol
  10. I got about a 20 year old home built pc, but I'm running windows 10 and works just fine for cod 2, 4, and 5.
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