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  1. Definitely hitting my pocket at nearly £2 a litre (2.33 euro / $2.44 usd) and their forecasting a recession for the next 18 months which will push up prices even further and make it unfordable.
  2. hog

    So sad to hear news like this esecially to a remarkable man who served and faught for what we for today. RIP and god bless.
  3. hog

    IT engineer for an unnamed online giant company
  4. hog

    Welcome to the XI family.
  5. hog

    Happy birthday x
  6. hog

    Very nice car that and coincidentally earlier on today I was looking at porsche's too but the soft top's. Think i'm leaving my council estate ferrari (vxr's) love behind slowly and want to move onto something like you've got now
  7. hog

    Happy birthday
  8. hog

    Aww glad to know you are on the recovery and hopefully nothing else goes wrong. I missed you on the cod server too... i accidently press the bind button to say "Cheyenne is frozen *sing*" and you weren't even in the server. got a few laughs at me for that too Hope to speak you very soon, get well
  9. hog

    I'm sure I can recall that from the early releases of windows 10, maybe even possibly as far back as Windows 7
  10. hog

    Happy birthday both
  11. hog

    never bought always built my own. gives the best then of finding the cheapest places and getting the build how you want.
  12. hog

    Welcome aboard to the XI family.
  13. hog

    Welcome to the clan froggy
  14. hog

    I'll second that. I was luckily enough to get my hands on three apc ups's free with good battery life and without it I think I would of had fried hardware by now too.
  15. hog

    Happy birthday !
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