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  1. ZiGiii

    Welcome IC, See you on Redline
  2. ZiGiii

    Thank You for the Info...…….. RIP Johnny dos
  3. ZiGiii

    Thanks, thought it was my headset........ Guess Im waiting until the Fix...…………………..
  4. ZiGiii

    Happy Birthday , Made it...............
  5. Large MISTER TWISTER , White or Black, works for me
  6. ZiGiii

    Prayers my friend
  7. ZiGiii

    Welcome. Look forward to landing a grenade on ya
  8. ZiGiii

    Vey Nice Olive, Thank You
  9. ZiGiii

  10. ZiGiii

    Welcome POOP, also live in the Communist state of MD
  11. ZiGiii

    Try to fiddle with it. I have win 10, had a problem updating files, kept on trying, Finally got it to load. Shut off ALL the firewalls, and win defender, too. Then it worked.
  12. ZiGiii

    On now, hope I'm not too late, dam work gets in the way all the time !
  13. Very nice HEMPS, Springfields are Kick Ass
  14. ZiGiii

    Been on a long time, I have CRS, anybody hear from COLON ?



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