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    Happy birthday mate
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    welcome to XI mate.
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    welcome to XI mate.
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    Congrats Hudson
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    welcome to XI
  6. roadkill

    Happy birthday mate have a great day.
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    welcome to XI
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    Happy birthday KFC....
  9. roadkill

    so sorry for youre loss @dadda2 and @sandradee2
  10. roadkill

    Happy birthday m8 have a great day
  11. roadkill

    proficiat oet sjeng city
  12. roadkill

    welcome to XI
  13. roadkill

    welcome you idiot..... love ya
  14. roadkill

    Ffs Sally, youre an admin. Jou must set an example for other people. Please stop stealing melts from other players. Oww...and stop killing me. Kind regards youre grandson.....