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  1. roadkill

    Ok will do thnx guys.
  2. roadkill

    still cant get in 😭
  3. roadkill

    Happy birthday mate .
  4. roadkill

    Happy Birthday all.
  5. roadkill

    Happy new year to all my XI Friends and family.
  6. I am in total shock reading this. Dadda was a great man. Hè was always helping other people no matter what. We had a great time on the xi server and the euro fest in 2018. Our thoughts go out tot Sandra and the rest of the family. Rest in peace buddy.😢
  7. roadkill

    Happy birthday all.
  8. roadkill

    Welcome to XI Chris and FU....🤣
  9. roadkill

    Me and the misses will also try to come over next year.
  10. roadkill

    welcome to the forums
  11. roadkill

    Hallo Herr Flick welkom 🤪
  12. roadkill

    Hey Papa welkom....😋
  13. roadkill

    happy birthday all
  14. roadkill

    Howz Brad? the guy from the football team?
  15. roadkill

    Welcome to the forums
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