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  1. Gunny

    thank you all
  2. Gunny

  3. Gunny

    welcome to XI
  4. Gunny

    it's about time you joined >XI< you Punk welcome to the clan
  5. Gunny

    did any of you idiots consider coming on TeamSpeak to ask questions We already have about 8 idiots on TeamSpeak the more the merrier
  6. Gunny

    like see more XI members playing the game
  7. Gunny

    I think it's time for a new pc
  8. http://shotonline.gamescampus.com/ it's a free online game
  9. Gunny

    I've been playing PC gaming a long time with eclipse if I was still an admin I would have recruited him he's a good guy I would recommend him for XI
  10. Gunny

    RIP Cobra u will be missed
  11. Gunny

    Thank you all
  12. Gunny

    welcome back Punk
  13. Gunny

    Happy Birthday Huskie!
  14. Gunny

    the admin team discuss this and the band stays I tried talking to you twice in chat and where you were it was a glitch because you can see through the wall you're more than welcome to appeal
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