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  1. my_slave

    This is what I have been listening to today ? my French fellows will get it more than average! https://youtu.be/0wGo-JZeJug
  2. my_slave

    Hello my favorite human and welcome to the forum and servers!! I told you, you would love this clan and the clan's servers ? took me a while to get you here but now that you are here darn I cant keep you off the servers lol!!!
  3. get back in game slave

    1. srt4fun


      she has been back. i finally allowed her lmfao

    2. my_slave


      Just 5 more post srt4fun ? go go go!!

  4. my_slave

    He is my hubby so just give him the darn tags lol
  5. my_slave

    You look fantastic my friend and I'm sure you also feel great.
  6. my_slave

    Hi son i hope you have fun
  7. I hope you enjoy it :-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppOu3ogzL-M
  8. i totally disagree with adding him, because he will end up banning me he knows too much lmao hey dadda you know i love you anyways
  9. my_slave

    LMFAO i hope that he will see it lol
  10. my_slave

    There is one difference one major difference between those two kids one has high iq and the other one low... so you cant really compare them I lived in canada all my life until 2-3 years ago now i am in california and trust me i miss my darn health care badly.. at least in canada i wasnt worried each time i was sick .. here when i feel sick i will for sure pray that it goes away on its own last time i was sick i was feeling really really tired and depressed so i went to see my doctor and he said ok lets do blood test to see if you are ok... then i took the darn blood test that cost me from pocket 500$ my darn deductible.. yup i go see the doc about once a year and guess what it ends up i need to pay each year that 500$ at least in canada when i am sick i simply go see the doctor and actually wait as long as here and see my doctor and we try out some stuff to figure out what is wrong or simply fix the issue without me thinking ok how the heck will i pay for that bill plus the pills or whatever is needed.. i do love my old health care and wish really really bad i had i t here too... Now my mom is sick for about 5 years now she has a blader cancer and guess what if she would be in cali hmmm i couldnt get her treated for it she would of been dead by now... but guess what she is alive and has her treatments and i am really happy with that... Ok we have huge taxes where i come from lol i am from quebec in canada and that means we pay about 18% taxes at least that is what it was last summer lol it is incredibly high but all our sick people have the chance to live as long as it is possible and all that in good health.. So yup that was my opinion
  11. monkey dont listen to noears lol the tactics works and what he says about the nade isnt true since usually good players do not stay bunched up they at least keep a good distance in case OF NADES lol at least my enemies used to know that i am a nade freak lol i get 3 plus all the ones i pick up off your dead bodies bitches
  12. true that guys i was born in the early 80's and yet my mom use to fight with me so i would come back in the house lol and now i have a son that is 14 years old and guess what i do not need to fight with him to kick him out of the house to play out side and for that i know i did a darn good job but i still get annoyed each time he wants those new stupid ipad whatever thing i have a cellphone and a computer that is as far as my technology will bring me and huh i will survive so does he even tho i dont buy him those shit stuff omg thanks great memories i am having right now
  13. my_slave

    wow i didnt even want to finish reading all this.. cause i hear people caling him names cause he wants to quit wtf is wrong with you people just say bye ...
  14. my_slave

    i read some comments and the quit just quit cold turkey makes me laugh... we are happy if you are able to quit like that .. good for you.. but most of us do not want to really quit we actually want to quit cause it is healthy bad, but now these days with those e-cig and stuff we smoke and we do it way healthier which in my opinion is awesome so far i tried those damn stuff and i cant get to stick to it.. i actually dont feel like if i am smoking at all but i am not quiting trying I saw that some of you that quit cold turkey still crave cigarettes really bad, so just so you know with those cigarettes you could pretty much crave it all you want since it is simply nicotine pure and simple nothing else.. which is not that bad in fact... not good i know but not as bad as regular shit...
  15. my_slave

    more time pass and more i see who doesnt have sense of humor... hey fucktard that was a good one lmao i was thinking of something sad and then bam suprise just a stupid ass post lmao thanks for this laugh
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