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  1. Heffalump

    Always treat your kite, like you treat your woman.... get inside her 5 times and night and take her to heaven and back! comedy legend, and for those of a certain (mine and older) age a class act! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdMM1HWRUq8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKfbSHW9uGA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLwc9lbJlIQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8oFQTcluz8M
  2. Heffalump

    Hi guys and gals, Just a qvery simple request if anyone wishes to hlep my little girls school project. It is called Flat.... (Gabriella in this case) You send a flat picture of yourself to interesting and different places across the world, and a reply comes back signed by the recipient in other countries. If you feel you would like to help, your assistance would be much appreciated. If you would like to participate, please drop me a PM with your address so I can post FLat Gabriella to your, and then you may reply and send back Many thanks for your help in this matter, Regards Heff
  3. Heffalump

    god dammit Bob, next time leave my wife alone you stalker asshole!!! Happy not your Birthday!
  4. Heffalump

    Shit I'm scared, Taking the kids to see Santa near Tromso this year in December, my beady eyes will be on the look out!!!!!
  5. Heffalump

    oh dear god.......
  6. Heffalump

    For your entertainment, we hope to have survival games set up tonight, all being well
  7. Heffalump

    Clap along if you fell like happiness is the truth. Yes, we are having some positive vibes on the server, more unique players visit everyday, and the list grows. I know it can be a big ask, but to keep this momentum going, if we can be on the server when we can, even if idle, I know, its not right, but the long term depends on stuff like this happening to create longevity. Thank all for your hard work once again, good times Heff
  8. Heffalump

    Great news, good to see you join, and thank you for all the excellent work and effort already in our minecraft server
  9. Heffalump

    It is Fire a high target, but we need ot create challenges in game, not making it easy, as I feel, as I hope most do, that Minecraft is a long-haul game, not a 10 minute thing.
  10. Heffalump

    Agree totally Dukky, it is great to have a Minecraft server back in the XI list, we now have a few regular players and the admin team are going to be reaching out to the wider public in a big but safe way to encourage other gamers to visit XI world, and it would be great to see more XI coming into the XI minecraft server, there is most of the time someone in TS, and normally about 4-6 of us. Thanks XI Senior team for the confirmation to start afresh, build and grow the XI Minecraft world, and Rugger. Also the plans for the future should we get the traffic we need are being thought through for sub games etc. to make a thriving, paying for itself server. see in the server guys Heff
  11. Heffalump

    update: Dukoo Wardog (great guy) and myself have got this far now, plugins almost set up, city built about 30%, market for items set up almost, keep you posted. regards Heff
  12. Heffalump

    Here is the new spawn which is going to be immense, we are aiming for factions with shops, possible new world for straight cut survival, and portals to different gameplay worlds. We are going to need some help building if anyone can hlep with this, it would be much appreciated. Regards Heff
  13. http://www.traileraddict.com/million-ways-die-west/red-band-trailer Just watch this pissed myself laughing, I do hope the film this fun all the way through.
  14. Nice, thank you for your hard work Boomer!
  15. Heffalump

    Yep getting this on COD4 servers, all bar ace mod strangely enough, which still shows a connection. It is about 5-10 mins into game, ci, then server timed out. Thank the crap it isn't me then lol