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  1. If you were ever to stand on the surface of Uranus and take a deep breath, you would get the distinctive smell of rotten eggs.....
  2. Its like a train dont WANT to look but...
  3. Well this took a turn...rofl....
  4. I can always count on you for sound
  5. Anyone have this? or the Vive?? I had to replace a PC recently and figured in for a penny, etc.... so I picked up the oculus... VR is crazy....I have a bunch of games and a lot are MP so if anyone plays any VR stuff gimme a shout.... I played Star Trek Bridge Crew or whatever its called last night MP and what it was freaking fun.
  6. I think so...I haven't been amazed by ANYTHING in a long time....its really hard to describe. I have a vr desktop program where you can pull windows off and place them around your environment like Tony now its not perfect but as resolution gets better, it will.... There is a game called robo recall where helpful robots go bad and you need to "recall" them....well the first time one jumped on me I almost had heart failure....find a friend who has one and try it...that's what happened to'll get one...
  7. Ahhh...Vive Pro...buyers remorse....After owing the oculus and finding out more about vr, if I knew first I would have sprung for the extra cash....after a point whats the difference right?? lol... Another good title is Mage's Tale...not MP but pretty cool story line with dungeon type puzzles and can craft spells and mix different things in for different effects....Robo Recall, if you havent played that is excellent....The Climb.... Aeroflite FS or something like that...not at that machine, has amazingly real REAL!!! BUT...the ground scenery is flat and boring...not at all like MS FSX but the planes are amazing....there are scenery add-ons and I 'MIGHT" try buying one and hope it's an improvement... here is a link to 10 good MP ones and if you have any of them or are considering any of them let me know....I'll grab it too.... And I'm not posting a pic of ME in goggles...I look silly...rofl
  8. Just finished watching....awesome heads up on was really interesting!!!
  9. That makes me remember when I was a kid these guys with dump trucks rented spots at me dads place. The guy was leaving early one morning and hit the dump lever on the way out....he wasn't flying like that guy but took out every wire for 3/4 of a mile and when he got to the railroad bridge he hit it and jammed under...his cab came up off the ground to the height of the tracks.... His CB handle was forevermore "Bridge Buster"...but this guy seem to have stolen it...that was massive....
  10. Hey Duc....Hope you have an awesome Birthday!!
  11. So your not allowed to defend yourselves in the UK?? That's scary....
  12. I tried that and it wouldn't let me change the email.....did it work for you??
  13. You can''ll have to reapply. Just kidding...I looked to try to help but it seems you cant edit the'll have to ask @Sitting-Duc
  14. I had the privilege of growing up a few miles from a famous Rock venue in Passaic NJ- The Capital Theater Also Madison Square Garden, Giants Stadium, The Beacon...tons of great venues but the Capital was walking distance for us 14 - 16 yr olds.. This thread has got me thinking about trying to compile a list.... You saw Led Zepplin...your list is complete!! I was a little young for them. Keep this going and lets try to look back through the fog and list your favorite first concert ever (14 yrs old) was Giants Stadium... Utopia, Poco, The Outlaws and (why I was there) Boston....the Boston set my son found on YouTube believe it or not.... Yeah, the ticket prices are freaking though the roof these days but here is a tip.... The old guys still rock and play....small venues...I go to Casinos and see some really great music these the last year or so I have seen: Peter Frampton, Chicago, Eddie Money, Jefferson Starship, Grand Funk Railroad.....the tickets either all are comp'd or $20.00 Them old guys still rock hard and appreciate us still rockin with em.
  15. Post the video....
  16. Hope your day is just AWESOME!!! Have a happy birthday!!
  17. Start a topic here....
  18. 1. Josey Wales
  19. Your going the wrong way..... How does he know where we're going??
  20. Very Damascus steel....that's a nice one to carry. I have a pretty good knife collection....and by collection I mean knives I can use not look at. I just picked up this knife sharpener and it puts an incredible edge on them.
  21. I got a good plan going... New Orleans Mar. 11-14 Isle Mujeres Apr. 14 - 21 Never been to NO. but do know to keep my wallet in my front Isle is my favorite repeat.... 3 tacos 2 beers 5 dollars. Barracuda off the beach every night at sunset when the bait runs around the point. very chill and cancun is a ferry ride away for action.
  22. Great picks @JohnnyDos ....forgot about Savoy Brown for a few years there.....nice....
  23. Are we going to get in on any of these battles?? If someone sets up a time I will absolutely be in....lets get up there in the rankings...!!!
  24. He's already fucked...he was supposed to go into an orbit but they messed up the deployment and now he's headed out past Mars. "So Long and Thanks for All the Fish"