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  1. deerejon

    Nice Tat Slim...looking good...!!!
  2. And this...havent really played either of them that much but this one has awesome potential.....spring is coming and my time becomes my own again...
  3. deerejon

    To 20 with shoes off....unless yer 7 toes....then only to 17.
  4. Thats what the bartender said when a nun, a cowboy and a parrot walked into the bar....
  5. deerejon

    Ruth has my thoughts and prayers as well as your wife and her brother...
  6. mp_beltot mp_castle mp_siege mp_toujane mp_bessie mp_dropzone mp_fritzkrieg mp_uss_rescope mp_montelimar mp_renan_bridge mp_rtcwchateau mp_chokepoint mp_snr_matmata mp_sps_xian mp_courtyard mp_sub mp_crossroads mp_gardenofheat And sorry for the delay....5 -6 more weeks of winter than back to normal....thanks for the patience!!
  7. deerejon

    @Labob can the svr server run ctf as the primary gametype ??
  8. deerejon

    Labob has setup a a server labeled SVR. It has a CTF mod as well as all the others like assassin, S&D, etc... Its a great MOD lets try to populate it....
  9. New rotation in...sorry didnt post the last one but its been 9 days or so...sorry....winter is my busy time and cant hit the 7 day rotation accurately. I'm either working or sleeping lol...anyhow enough it is... mp_seelow mp_blood_temple mp_drum mp_castle mp_xfire_bay mp_nachtfeuer mp_subway mp_docks mp_suburban mp_hangar mp_vodka mp_stalingrad mp_roundhouse mp_nvabase mp_industrial mp_kursk mp_trainstation mp_82ab_chateau mp_wolftown mp_altered
  10. Unfortunately there is really no better solution to balancing the teams.... an admin is in the game though, if the balance gets too whacked, can move players.
  11. deerejon

    Forget a barrel....over the falls in a sled!!!
  12. deerejon

    Thoughts and prayers your way!!
  13. I'll pull it this morning....thanks....
  14. deerejon

    Is that what you thought it was for???
  15. deerejon

    He''s banned in the portal and we're looking into patient all and thanks...!!
  16. deerejon

    The banning admin will get back to you on this...
  17. deerejon

    I just wonder "whos they?" and "to what end??"
  18. Sorry all will be back tomorrow and take care of this.....
  19. deerejon

    Its with the greatest respect that I say ?
  20. deerejon

    Welcome to XI and remember taunting an Admin after killing them...even your mom, while not prohibited is discouraged...??
  21. mp_78druglord mp_blood island mp_railgun mp_homeroom mp_ax_simmerath mp_xi_nowhere mp_cw_farm mp_dawnville mp_v2bunker mp_farmhouse2 mp_hurtsum mp_montargis mp_outskirts mp_pds mp_radiorelay mp_remagen mp_southfrance5 mp_streets mp_duong mp_waterway
  22. deerejon

    Found a bunch of tape from the Capitol Theater in Passaic, NJ... bicycle distance for me as a kid....$5.00 standing room tickets almost every weekend and all the weed you could smoke... By this show I was out of high school.....