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  1. So the problem I have is that in game voice chat is so loud in game and the sound options don't control that. It becomes problematic trying to balance TS and game volume because I can set the game sounds lower and TS higher but the in game voice chat is always loud...and of course some voice chatters are way louder than others either through their equipment or their propensity to yell... So how do you guys balance this?
  2. No one really likes tactical changes...It only starts a shit storm. Even talking about gets some people's panty's twisted. Believe me.
  3. I probably didnt state my issue clearly so I'll try again. Voice volume is down and has been for years since I learned that it gets rid of the crackling. But my teammates voice volume I cannot adjust...so by turning down the in-game sounds I can decrease the volume of game stuff but NOT my teammates chat volume which is what I was looking to do. And its not NFT specific as it is a problem, for me at least, on every server that has voice chat.
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    Hey dadda have a very awesome birthday!!!
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    Welcome to the forums...!!!
  6. Thats why MAYBE this wont work...but if I do make the change it really should be reflective damage...I can set it so the teammate you shot gets NO damage and you get it all, 50/50 etc...its in the idea stage. I can also setup punishments meant to discourage intentional shooting of teammates...spawn delay for the shooter, dropped weapon, etc...so again its just an idea....I think of this shit to keep me from thinking about work stuff when I wake up in the middle of the night...lol... And anyhow the no's are in the lead....
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    Hey Ada, Welcome to the forums...about time...you've been a good addition to the freezetag server...glad you found us... Look around but keep the bathrooms clean... @hxtr gets mad when you mess em up or write nasty things on the walls.
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    Thanks GG for all the hard work!!! It takes patience and understanding and a big whip...thanks again and enjoy your retirement!!!
  9. Its always been there thanks to Duc, I just wasnt sure anyone used it too much and when I forgot to do it once and no one complained I got lazy I guess,.,.lol... Your right its awesome for slower connections and I am glad Modibob brought up the EU guys...
  10. mp_cw_hill <----this was pulled a couple of years ago due to complaints about 1 bad spawn...let me know if there is any issues...I remember this was a fun map... mp_chokepoint mp_hunt_xmas mp_78tokyorose mp_ambush mp_anbinh mp_anzio_beach mp_snr_freedom2 mp_railyrd_xmas mp_contra mp_gb_karkand mp_hospital mp_snr_st_mengs mp_lao_cai mp_makin mp_mohdv2 mp_omcbrest_ffa <-------yes I realize this was just in but 1. I noticed that after I restarted the sever 2. I kinda like it 3. ran outta time....if it isn't cool holler I'll change it. mp_radiorelay mp_kiev mp_snr_treblink
  11. He can say what he likes Bud that wont get him the boot from me....thats not the point. I was only trying to steer him in a direction that might have been helpful on the ftag server. Didnt work and I guess thats why he's so popular.
  12. I wasnt being sarcastic at all, I was saying make the vote heard....
  13. It isnt hypothetical its fact...You had like 40 some odd kills and 4 defrosts...and I wasnt the only teammate you ran past without thawing. So in freezetag your lack of thawing makes it seem to me anyhow you just run around for kills and score.... Today was the FIRST time I ever saw you slow down and be a TEAM player... Again, it s not an absurd comment its the truth....when the round I refer to ended you were the only teammate alive and they only had a few frozen...hence we lost... You can spin it anyway you like but the end result is still the same.
  14. Ahhh come on...we just came through a November that reminded us that EVERY vote counts...
  15. Did you vote? And it depends on whos complaining and why... For example Dragon complained about arty and ever since he started getting it, he stopped and uses it to good effect...sometimes people are scared of change but dont know why until the try. And dont forget, this is a poll open for a week or so...everyone gets to be heard...if it goes on and we find it doesnt improve anything and is a crappy idea it can be turned off just as easy as on... It's like maps...some were taken out of rotation for bad spawns and such and they are off the list....others were taken out years ago due to a complaint or someone didnt like it. Dont even know if the someone whoever they were even still play so why not try again. Garden of Heat was taken out because someone didnt like that you cant thaw through the perimeter fence. I always liked that map and worked hard to get to teammates needing a defrost on the other side of the fence...strategic gameplay. I put it in this week and so far everyone I've played it with likes it. But if I get complaints (that outweigh the likes) then out it goes... It's your server and I encourage everyone to tell me what they like and dont like...hence the poll...and the scrolling message on the server to come here and tell me how its going... If all you all want is map changes fine, but like I tell my wife...."come on Baby...you never know you just MIGHT like it!!!"
  16. No not at all...but as I see things on/off off/on I think that sometimes the gameplay wold change a little and figure no harm putting it there to the regulars that play there to see what they think of stuff...so far the poll is for turning it on... I just started maintaining this server, is there a reason its off?
  17. Polls open until 12/12 5:pm..the results will be reflected in the next rotation....
  18. Thanks Beers...sometimes I get a little cross-eyed...fixed and restarted!!!
  19. deerejon

    Ahh your right those were good days... But I have the best memories of 1942 DC mod.....
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    Oh come do mine my wife has a weekend plan for me...
  21. Well in my best broken inglish "not profit from rotation" could only mean one or two things...I took my best guess...!! lol.. If I understand your english english your saying I can put all the maps for ftag up and they will pick from my rotation post which they will download?? I remember doing the downloader a few times when I backed up merlin and it was ummm...time consumng at best...a nightmare at worst...
  22. we have a downloader program that allows you to download all the maps prior to playing on the server...I have not been updating it because I didnt think anyone was using it, but you bring up a great point...this would be great for the EU guys and gals as you would be able to setup the downloader to grab the maps while you r at work or sleeping and then be set to play...I will check to make sure its working and then up date it and post a link to it here.... @Merlin007 @Labob