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  1. I kinda like it but I'm all about hearing and listening...one more person says they dont like it and I'll pull it....
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  3. deerejon


    I do that on oculus lol...its easy
  4. deerejon

    I always thought @Duc broke it was a joke....lol....
  5. deerejon

    Welcome to the team!! While knifing Admins is not prohibited, it is frowned upon!! :p
  6. deerejon

    Nice work.... Way to go man....
  7. deerejon

    What an awesome kid....we can all learn something from HIM! I cannot imagine what you all have gone through and the strength it took, but you boy is SO inspiring!!! God Bless you all!!
  8. I felt exactly the same way. I felt they were rushing the ending but then today I saw this article. https://www.cosmopolitan.com/entertainment/a27450978/daenerys-mad-queen-foreshadowed-vision/ In case you dont want to read it all here is a youtube link from season 2. https://youtu.be/gulVUWrADCM
  9. Who even knows at this point....it feels like the writers were going somewhere but got notified they had to bring it home....pow pow pow.... And wow...dragons are easy to kill....unless their needed to wreck a town....the whole thing is annoying...for 8 seasons we waited for a lot of stuff to resolve and in the rush to end it they dropped a stone on Cersi and Jamie?? After all the shit they pulled thats what we get? A hug and a boom. Bullshit man... Almost reminds me of LOST. Or the Sopranos. At least with the new series Chernobyl, well, we know how that ends....
  10. mp_82ab_crossing mp_the_cube mp_amberville mp_xfire_bay mp_beuvron mp_mohdm6 --new to the freezetag server mp_bocage2 mp_caen2 mp_canal2 mp_cityhall2 mp_kilian mp_dugin mp_dundygrad mp_kwanriver mp_malta2 mp_supply_depot mp_sps_kiebu mp_matmata mp_vm_maichau mp_agx_castle mp_warehouse
  11. Youll never guess this one.
  12. So i’m away and since i was staying in the US i figured i get good internet so i brought the laptop to do the rotation but alas i was mistaken. Sorry all... will be back Saturday night so first thing Sunday ill put a special one in... anyone want to see a map post it here. On a positive note i caught so many fish i’m not fishing tomorrow!!
  13. Yeah thats right sorry Shaun
  14. deerejon

    ROFL.....after stopping my own gagging watching that at the end he goes "It coast me ova a hunrit dollas to fuckt mysef up"
  15. deerejon

    Awesome....but now you need a bigger TV.... :)
  16. deerejon

    And thats actually mild. Saw a few varieties between 7-9 MILLION su this stuff makes a really spicy chili
  17. Found this article that has some pretty good insight to the episode. it also has sub links leading to other answers. like what happened to Rhaegal and what happened to ghost (jons animals) So far they changed my thinking on the episode and perhaps it was the darkness....which also has a lot to do with the actual streaming I'm finding out....like 1080 isn't really 1080 if the stream isnt good, so I think I might try it again tonite. Anyhow....I found some of these sub articles enlightening. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/game-of-thrones-episode-3-review-season-8s-the-lon/1100-6466520/
  18. deerejon

    Left 4 Dead 2...Let's Play Tonight 5PM CST By JohnnyNashville, May 11, 2017 in Other Games This post is about a week from 2 yrs old....
  19. deerejon

    Cant get in there to do anything,,,,,it keeps refreshing. Its been happening for a few days now but thought it was me or might resolve. Anyone else having issues??
  20. I think you could have dropped the whole dragon storyline and it wouldnt have changed a thing...they played no real part in the war...maybe in a warmer climate?? And talk abut under developed....the whole white walker king thing... .I thought maybe we'd get a little backstory but 7 seasons...winter is coming winter is coming.... boom....winter is over...now back to our regularly scheduled plotting and scheming.....
  21. mp_5nav1 mp_nachtfeuer mp_78gaperon mp_africorp_rmk mp_agx_burgundy mp_akushima mp_snr_vimyrd mp_anzio mp_winter_crash mp_asylum mp_ravine mp_beertruck mp_beuvron mp_desolate mp_snr_stmengs2 mp_outskirts mp_ax_simmerath mp_amberville mp_snrtrondheim Enjoy!!
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