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  1. Bogleg

    Now I just need to figure out how to convert web site points into freezetag skills.
  2. Bogleg

    I have discovered that if you insult the blackjack dealer it throws him off his game.
  3. Bogleg

    Well... I don't really even know why I am here. I guess I just wanted to remind myself that it can all go away in the blink of an eye.
  4. Bogleg

    The crapjack dealer is a floppy headed Canadian!
  5. Bogleg

    Crapjack... can we officially change the name to Crapjack? @Ruggerxi?
  6. Bogleg

  7. Bogleg

    OPINKING ASDOINKINGOING [email protected]#!!!!!!!
  8. Bogleg

    Maybe I should write a script to auto-post for me....
  9. Bogleg

    Back. So soon.
  10. Bogleg

    More points.
  11. Bogleg

  12. Bogleg

    How many threads are we up to about this now? I need to go post on all of them to get some more points.
  13. Bogleg

    Feed me, Seymore.
  14. Bogleg

    I have decided I am just going to get a hammer and smash my thumb every time I feel like playing blackjack.
  15. Bogleg

    I have learned that there are chapters in the Blackjack Book for Dummies that I only the dealer is privy to, apparently.
  16. Bogleg

    We really should all agree to not tell him in-game that he got his tags back. Let's see how long it takes before he figures it out.
  17. Bogleg

    Let's start taking wages on the odds Twit comes on the forum and reads the post.
  18. Bogleg

    Well that didn't last long.
  19. Bogleg

    Gimme da seed money.
  20. Bogleg

    You win some... you lose some, you lose some, you lose some... and you come here and post.
  21. Thanks for all you do, Loco!
  22. I am just getting my feet wet, really, in the new mod. I have gone through maybe 1/4 of the weapons so far. Personally, I am enjoying the fact that the G3 actually seems like the gun I always wanted it to be in this mod. I'd like to see the MGs be a little less dominating, but oh well. I still would like the double barreled shotgun back! I see some pretty big shifts in overall tactics/strategy in the new mod compared to the old mod.
  23. Bogleg

    Is this some kind of radical new death therapy?
  24. Bogleg

    I just won 15 hands in a row, so I guess I'll go play one hand on the high limit table and lose it all now.
  25. Bogleg

    So I guess instead of trying to battle my way back up from the budget table it's faster to just shit post all over the forums? I guess I should RTFM or something.



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