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  1. Clan has been around for over a decade and this thread is really just a repeat of a thousand previous threads. I am sure the clan will endure as long as there are games we all agree to play together. Speaking of which anyone into Elite Dangerous or Elder Scrolls Online?
  2. Bogleg

    We should be organizing all the custom game mods. I'd be down.
  3. Bogleg

    I only ever play that mod to level up weapons - but now you have me intrigued.
  4. Bogleg

    Hmm. 1392/8972 for me. 92103 on the OpenCL test.
  5. Yes, I must have self-esteem issues. Let's advance your original implication - that I am dumb because I must not have known that I can turn off voice chat in the game, or that I am not dumb, just - I dunno - obtuse or something - because I might have used the term "without sound" to mean something it doesn't. So your original implication is that I am ignorant/dumb and also incapable of communicating effectively. Now you've decided to buttress that with the implication that I might have self-esteem issues because I said something about it. Once again turning it on me with the implicatio
  6. It was a rhetorical question. But thanks for the condescending attempt at humor.
  7. Why do you think I spent the last 5 or so years playing without sound?
  8. Funny you should ask. I just recently played BO:CW with a handful of them. Most of them moved onto newer games.
  9. Bogleg

    Anyone who likes COD4 should like Cold War. Need a serious PC to play it though.
  10. Bogleg

    When you get the Stoner up to max level and throw the thermal scope on it... it's basically like cheating.
  11. Bogleg

    Spend some time leveling up some weapons. Zombies is a good place to level up weapons.
  12. Bogleg

    Okay, I'm looking to setup a regular weekly session with three other people. Preferably Tuesday evenings or Sunday mornings/afternoons. I'd like to either play Zombies or any MP game (preferably Combined Arms Assault). I can play the other MP games without a squad, but CAA and Zombies would be a lot more fun with a squad. I want to attempt to just use the in-game chat features and not set up a separate TS or anything like that.
  13. Bogleg

    Yes it is an awesome game - the TDM style multiplayer games are on par with COD4 for speed/style of game IMHO. Zombies is a lot of fun - but they need to get a new map pretty soon. I play most days/evenings at some point - often without sound (just like COD4). I haven't been back to freezetag and turned in my admin tags once I got the game if that tells you anything.
  14. Bogleg

    Cold War is, IMHO, a very "XI" game - it's a fast, beat-em-down kind of game. I find it is fun to play both in run and gun mode and in sneak-around-sniping mode (especially the combined arms maps, but they need more of them). Hardcore feels like COD2 to me speed-wise. If it had dedicated servers I would be begging COD4 players to move on. I am averaging 1.5 E/D and I'm an old slow guy. Might be a game for slow old people.
  15. Who is playing Cold War? Who would like to try and get a regular session together? I would like to see if three or more like-minded people would be interested in teaming up on Tuesday evenings specifically, but open to other times, for some Combined Arms Mosh Pit action. Any takers?
  16. Bogleg

    I would need to read the data sheet on it but it should automagically adjust to the correct forward voltage, I think. Drivers I use have fixed fV so I have to match them specifically.
  17. Bogleg

    I can't believe no one has posted a picture of a manger yet.
  18. Bogleg

    Is it 100V? Looks to me like it's 2-100V output. And as far as how many strips it could drive, I think it's two - max output is 40W (42W but assume some driver losses) and three of them adds up to 42W. I have built a few LED fixtures - all in series on big CC drivers.
  19. Bogleg

    @BigPapaDean did the package arrive?
  20. Bogleg

    Dean - if you are using Windows 10 make sure to register online. It will make it painless to install new hardware. If you don't do that, you'll have to do some leg work to get Windows licensed for the new hardware. I have everything boxed up and I will take it to UPS or USPS tomorrow. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/20530/windows-10-reactivating-after-hardware-change
  21. Bogleg

    Did you call the doc and get the diagnosis @babyback?
  22. Bogleg

    Dean I'll leave the CPU in the mobo - it's nothing special - an i5 something or other.
  23. Bogleg

    As long as you have a case that can fit an ATX sized mobo you should be good to go. Obviously you'll need to plug in your own hard drive(s). Let me go find a bigger box.
  24. @Lunkster can you send me an invite? Battle.net ID: Bogleg#1565
  25. Bogleg

    If you don't mind waiting a couple more days I can send you a motherboard, memory, 750W p-sup, and video card.



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