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  1. Bogleg

    I'm upgrading my DDR 3 RAM so I will soon have four spare 4gb RAM sticks available (Ripclaw DDR 3 1600).
  2. Bogleg

    I personally love Fallout 76 and would be open to this idea. But for the game type, I'd much rather see something dedicated for No Man's Sky someday.
  3. Well I got it downloaded and installed and played it for a bit. I am clearly going to need to make some PC upgrades (long overdue). First step: I am backing up my system disk so I can replace these ancient 1TB HDs with SSD drives (they get here today). Once I get that all sorted out, I found a list of appropriate settings for my video card (1060ti) that I'll try out - but I need to get my HD issues resolved. I also only have 16gb of RAM in my system (DDR3 on an old I5 CPU). I have started a shopping list for a new build - thinking a 2070 with an I7-9700. I also need to get a third 27" monitor so I can run No Man's Sky on three monitors. Two monitors is cool, but the bezel in the middle of the FOV sucks. Maybe I'll get an unforeseen Christmas bonus and be able to play this new MW game in style.
  4. I'm getting 14mb/sec download speeds so far. I also just started and am going to go make some breakfast and do some gardening, so I'll check back in an hour or so.
  5. Bogleg

    Goddamn right.
  6. Bogleg

    So I have decided that for this game (and the new COD) I need to finally upgrade my home PC. I want to go to a three monitor setup for NMS - anyone done multiple monitor gaming with NMS? What do I need to consider? I wan to fly through space and be able to look out three windows at the same time. I do own an Occulus Rift too... haven't tried it in VR yet.
  7. Bogleg

    I just got it - so far I like it a lot. I like Fallout 76 as well so I guess it's fair that lonely adventure games are one of my things.
  8. Bogleg

    Anyone else playing No Man's Sky?
  9. Bogleg

    Even if so, it's not like that's a unique quality (unfortunately).
  10. Speak for yourself. Me and @Tron are in a battle for concussion grenade kill supremacy.
  11. I've gone from level 1 to level 65 at least three times on the current mod. It's meaningless. The only impact leveling up in-game has is it temporarily blocks your vision to announce your new level, which sucks. So I guess there is one advantage to being level 65 - you don't have to get interrupted leveling up.
  12. Bogleg

  13. Bogleg

    Seems legit.
  14. Bogleg

    So a couple of "features" I recall: 1) To use the command we had to register first. You made some registration command that probably just notified you so you could add our names to an array or something. 2) It assumed a 'contains' type query for the name, as shown in the examples above. If I recall, if there were two people with similar names (i.e. Timinator/Timmah/Tim) you could use their PID. Or maybe I just thought it should do that.
  15. Bogleg

    Basically it worked for people with an XI tag and it provided a random string with the target's name in it. We had provided you example FU commands, etc. So all it did was something like this: > Loco joins the game. > Bogleg>XI< > !fu loco > console: Hey loco, go fuck yourself.
  16. Bogleg

    Just do it like the last time it we had it - it was great as it was.
  17. Bogleg

    Sounds like someone who's doing it right.
  18. Bogleg

    If you deliver your donation in person, @Ruggerxi will break out his special yoga mat and reward you.
  19. Bogleg

    Gee, I dunno... it's a post about a 1955 hot rod... your name is Hotrod55... and you say BS a lot on the server. And the post was for a car for sale but said "sold" on it, which seems like some bullshit to me. I am out of my mind and stupid all the time, not just at the time of the post.
  20. Bogleg

  21. Bogleg

    Well, it's a work day so I am still sober.
  22. Bogleg

    To quote @HotRod55: "BS." It says SOLD on the pic!
  23. Bogleg

    Maybe access to the admin hacks will improve your game, @Sixgun. Welcome to the team.
  24. Bogleg

    Gotta hate those intrusive Ts.
  25. Bogleg

    If that were true, I would know that about him, and then his original statement would make no sense....
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