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Scary Scrim - Girls vs Guys - FTag

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So who do i belong to?   And whatever snow....pink even remembered me being there till the game crashed so bite me  lol


me and noears kinda had it set up beforehand but i will take either one of you :)  Just plz let me know  lol


If no-one took you above me them your mine (sorry noears luv ya bro). Your new name is 



BS! Angel!


(whatever) is what i expexted you to say.... i did not mention your game nor your points nor standing just that your my bitch. where the name...... done........



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I choose Pink if i can... she knows her name already LOL :P

Yes you can m8! Laughing


Sorry for my late Storm, but i was so tired that I had to sleep  a little bit before choose.... So I choose Bombeczka cause i killed her so many times tonight and it was really really fun ahaha. I don't find her new name at now, give me some sleep again to find or help me to choose... ^^


Thanks to the admins for this event (my first with >XI<), really happy to play like that with you Laughing. And good game to all guys n girls. There were some closed rounds anyway Cool


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