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Scary Scrim - Girls vs Guys - FTag

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Scary Scrim


We are having our 1st (to my knowledge) open scrim. All FTag-ers!


Girls vs Guys - We'll shoot for Friday, October 21, 2011, 7PM EDT.

The scary part is the girls are gonna kick our behinds! 


The premise is simple - winners get to rename losers for Halloween.

Not to mention bragging rights!


We'll do the normal 5 wins system, but may have to decrease the time limit.


1st place in winning team gets 1st pick of losers, 2nd place 2nd pick, etc...

Sorry, you may only humiliate one per game


The "re-named" player must wear that name on Monday, October 24, 2011.

No names that are against XI rules will be allowed.


Please post in this thread, if you're interested.

 I'll post the map choice next week - feel free to add your suggestion.


*note* Ladies - I assume we'll get a large response - you may have to kick two sets of butts - if so, you can pick the second map!


Highest Regards to ALL,


Edit: How about a seperate scrim at 4 PM EDT for our European family? Add your preference!

Edit2(the sequel): We will run a seperate scrim at 4PM add your preference.

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7PM EDT is 1:00 AM here right? mmm I'll be here :)


Dark Asylumn

count me in but can I be on the guys team this time.. think someone made a mistake last time.


but I will play with all the girls of XI if not.... :)

no mistakes were made. You belong on the girlie team Hxtr

Hxtr is not a girl? I thought he was... lol.gif



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I m in if needed


I would like to join Girls team with HXTR lol

hahahhaaha lets go Murlock. We.. well not me but you and the girls will own. lol

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It´s 1 o´clock in the morning here, so I can´t be there at this time, it´s to late for me. Sry. But gl & hf for the girls :-P


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