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XI is giving away a $700+ gaming computer

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What sort of rules will there be? Also will there be a no graphical config rule?


The server is not running PunkBuster Streaming that would kick/ban people by those graphical configs. The server will be loaded with a banlist combined from all the servers we are using and Phoenix Anti-Cheat will be running plus ServerSideMod. We know you can tweaks your system and/or macro's and spectating wil be done to have hopefully 100% Fair Play only.


/Edit: Maps will be small maps so I dont see a problem with it though


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Alot of people have ask me what the system specs r.....well here they are.....Please note that this will NOT come with a operating system installed!



Antec 650 Watt

Athlon™ 64X2 duel core 5800+ 3gig


2gig XMS2 Corsair

64 Freezer Pro Cooler

GeForce 9800 GTX+ 512meg

320gig WD sata

LIAN LI Black Case


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Maybe its a searchin for you colon...............lol

Cant wait to c u there.....................I:M IN   ????   Did you mean Apostrophe?

Not to worry though we all mess up and I think the admins fixed it so after we post we can't fix it.

Their funny people just like the rest of us IDIOTS



 omg lol

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hey guys can i get in on this XI i want a chance to win a pc and give it too anyone who is in need of a new one or something just becuase i am nice :P

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ye i see know man when is it agin ? and im going to train tonight Wizid and phat are np match for me no more i have to go with the big lead with St33l and not so much you ray haha

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