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XI is giving away a $700+ gaming computer

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! Final Match 11th April !

Hardcore >XI<



Last Round of the >XI< HardCore Event : April 11, 2010.


The following are the competitors of the FINAL round:

As in spectators:

Anyone who wants, but do not interupt the match by anything. Slots limited and some Admins there!


These 6 players will fight it out to take the computer home BUT the sunday challenge is Official after we study the server logs. That might take max. 2 days and we post the winner here.

The round will take place @ approx 3:00pm USA Central time and will last for 20 mins. Please ensure you are there on time to START the practice first.

Thanks and good luck.


Thanks to Wizid for donating this fine rig to >XI< to give away to the winner of a Crysis Wars trny. Here are the details:


Here is how its going to work:


We are going to have rounds of 10 people play for 30 mins on a map, after the 30 min match is done the top 3 scores(including ties) will move on to the next round. After all the 10 persons rounds are done, all the people who advanced will play 1 match for 45 mins and the top 5 scores(including ties) from that match will move on to the final round. The championship match will be 45 mins with the top score taking home the prize of a new gaming rig courtesy of Wizid and >XI<.


This will be played on Sunday afternoons around 3 pm central, and will start in middle to late March.


This is open to everyone and anyone


This will be on the hardcore server running DX9, it will also be played on smaller size maps.


Thank you Wizid for donating this great computer!!


Here is the prize you will be playing for:



editted by X-Ray.

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I wont win But I want to sign up and I must admit that is definitely a great prize and that 9800 GTX+ is not that shabby of a card cause I owned one.I also have the same power supply and  had the same MB but it wasn't SLI.But Wizid if you play you are going to win it.LOL.So CWHC DX9 it is .Get the times ready and sign me up.

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Any >XI< member can play this, go get the game if you want its pretty cheap right now you can get it here for 19.95 http://www.ecrater.com/product.php?pid=3368729


or here for $17.90 http://www.gogamer.com/viewproduct.htm?productId=89174133

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Yes great JOB WiZiD yourrr the man!!!!

Thank you for the shipping Rugger!




People, we still have some (winning) keys left for Crysis Wars.

We won in total 8 or 9 keys with Crysis Screenshot Competition and I think we stil have 5 keys left! (We just need to know who, mine is given away and ST33L's)



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I found that even the inexperiance can play hard core. Hell I hold my own sometimes and I suck at the game, but I sure have fun. All the shotgun only levels has seem to make it fair game now for everyone with a few levels with all the weapons makes for a little mixup in play. As I mentioned before I would like to be first on that list of sign ups and nothing else. Wow got  to play last night with St33l and before to long there were 6 to 8 uf us. Now that was fun. Hey wouldnt it be something if I won....no shipping....lol like that would ever happen.............See you all there.....practice......practice ......practice

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