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Show your Fleet.

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42 minutes ago, Labob said:

lol I wondered I did not post is that your secret :)


This is how i got my fleet in the post, i use Lightshot, Djmot gave the link to me and JohnnyDos last year sometime, it is quite handy for posting pictures.


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9 hours ago, greywolf2 said:

Hey SOB i was clearing out old bookmarks and saw XI, decided to come by and see how all is doing, If you need someone to division up with when no one is around hit me up. I have up to tier9 ships   ingame name  timbergreywolf2

Hi Greywolf, nice to hear from you again....problem is at the moment i am stuck with European servers and i think everyone else is on US  servers, there is a couple of possible fixes, one is to start again from scratch which i really don't want to do, not tried the other one out yet though, if you need others to play with just keep checking this forum and chat to Codpiece and the other players, apply for this new Clan/Base thing that has just been introduced recently, just type in xtreme and it should appear, i am sure it will be better to get players together, i might be able to get this other fix to work so might see you in the future.:thumbup:

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