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COD5 Ban Appeal

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This appeal and its replies are in a public forum and can be seen by all.

  1. What server were you banned from?: Freeze Tag (Both)
  2. When did you get banned?: 1/8/2022
  3. What was your in-game name?: COVID19
  4. What is your game GUID (if known):
  5. Why do you think you were banned?:

    Since my previous thread above was closed without me being able to reply. I will not allow myself to be silenced and banned unfairly, I'll paste it here:


    The only reason I know where people are is essentially because of Recon Planes and also knowing the maps... as I said before in previous threads. I NEVER admitted to anybody in my household cheating... only playing. Not sure where you're getting this unreliable source of information from. I started playing the freeze tag server again recently and was nothing but nice to people, even given out call-outs and speaking to some of the members in-game.

    What does my record even matter either way? It's the past. I wasn't being disruptive at all this time around, I was breaking absolutely no rules while playing recently. All you did was falsely accuse me of cheating... once again.


    See my previous threads below:





    There is no evidence of cheating, only speculation. Nor would I ever cheat! What is even the point? The game is 14 years old.

    Your "evidence" of cheating is baseless, some of the players seem to simply dislike someone who may be better than them. At least that it how it feels. Are you simply banning me to please your members?


    I'd be more than happy to speak to the admins and other members/players who have accused me of cheating, via call/audio. Seeing arrogance break down is something I love to see, especially when I know I'm in the clear 🙂

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We have done this dance before, haven't we?

We have been round and round with you about your playing style and attitude. I went back and detailed everything about your past bans.

Merlin was nice enough to lift those bans, but every time (given a brief rest) we come back to the same spot. If it was up to me, the ban wouldn't have been lifted the last time. no, I was not the banning party this time, but I did provide the team with my thoughts from your priors.

Covid19, juiceworld, ariyah, iphone12, _MAIN_, [*EPA]COVID19, JohnAdam, PoopyToilet, JennieTalia, SSHBotnet, Wood_Jablome, stacer

There were issues with your other aliases juiceworld and ariyah. Those were the reasons for the previous bans. Since the others were tied to either the same GUID or IP address, all were banned.

Now, you took some time off, came back and now your game play has been such that another Admin or Moderator has suspected you of foul play. This, in such a short time. We are going to just cut to the quick, up front this time.

I think Monkie said it best.

It is just time to part ways.

Thanks for your time.



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