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    Faith and Family (father of 5) anything with wheels or wings carpentry; mechanics; teaching; effecting positive change in the world via influence

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  1. Mad Ha_ter

    The net is so you can add branches / leaves for additional camo
  2. I love Redline. Need more people to play though. I also love CTF. Nice change
  3. Mad Ha_ter

    Sure youre banned? I couldnt get in on this map either. Error...
  4. Mad Ha_ter

    That is tough. May your peace be restored. Hope to see you soon ?
  5. Yes we do that now, and it of course needs to remain. I'm talking about alternate ways to winning the match when you DON'T freeze the entire opposing team. ?
  6. Please don't throw too many tomatoes, but just an idea: Freezetag, as far as scoring and which team wins, is all about the last seconds of the game; even when one team has been leading the match consistently. Scoring is really only for the individual player, and does not count towards the team as a whole. Only the wins do. PROPOSAL FOR DISCUSSION: How about the score is added up amongst the team members, and the team wins either by reaching a set threshold score first OR freezes other team completely? I realize this COULD be gamed, by team members intentionally getting shot a lot, just to get thawed, to artificailly increase team total points. Maybe a workaround for that is a thaw is worth the same as a kill instead of double? And idea #2: Instead of 5 matches to win and go to next map, how about best of 3? Or even 1? To keep things fresh each evening? An hour and a half on one map is a long time. Just an idea you die-hard Freezetaggers, but would love input from everyone who plays ? Thanks and shoot ya later
  7. Mad Ha_ter

    Great job! Hero. DUI's kill too many innocent lives each year. Whole families, while the drunk is fine. Good work ?
  8. Wifi or ethernet cable? what type of isp? cable? satellite? dsl? go to google, click images. type a random thing in like sceneic wallpaper and hit enter. that page should load instantly if you have a good connection. Google servers respond in milliseconds. If it doesnt, the problem is very much on your connection or isp.
  9. We really need a 2-3 second spawn protect/invisible for DM; like freezetag has. That would ELIMINATE spawn camping as they would die very quickly as sitting ducks. Too many are intentionally posting up to shoot just at spawns.
  10. 40 kills 3 deaths.. While spectating, he just shoots and gun sites bounce around map and kills 2-3 people he cant even see. shoots and kills through all walls. Serious auto aim hack. Asked him to leave but wouldnt. No admins on tonight....
  11. I REALLY have trouble with commitments, and becoming an XI member was a HUUUUGE COMMITMENT. But finally after 32 years of procastination, slaughter, and sarcasm, I finally hung my head and RAISED MY HAND. I enlisted in the CLAN. I still have trouble with a LOT OF commitments, with a few exceptions: Exceptions include: Married 10 years Military 6 years Current job 11 years Multiple children - over 80 year commitment I mean other things. Like I will stare at two boxes of cereral in the grocery store for like 30 minutes, not able to choose just one. Too big of a commitment. Should I knife Beers or just shoot him? Seems like such a huge commitment, so I stall. Then Beers hits me in the FACE with a flaming beer. See? I joined because i HATE FLAMING BEER TO THE FACE. Make sense? Glad I could explain it so well. :thumbup: :wallbash: :thumbup: :spiteful:
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