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  1. I have msged him thru the Email here on xtreme iddiots page. I thought i had him on Messenger. I left my phone number, if he could give me a call When he gets a Chance. Im Sorry hes Not Feeling Good, I have Always thought of him as a Family Member ( a Bro) And a really Good Friend. Need to Catch up Funstick. Seriously lol
  2. lol that is very true Wardog and so are you
  3. Just wanted to put out a Little Shout out to our Junior Xi Members.. (well she's actual Adult so she just goes by as LilMord) LilMordy Just graduated with over atleast 2k High School Students This Bright and Early Morning, we had to get up and Ready about 5am get the kids down to Raleigh Conviction Center as early as 6:30 Am And wait for an hr, then it was Another hr and a half. Everyone was Tired but They were Emotional and Excited All the Same time! Everyone was very Proud of the Girls Both Deanna & Maria Have Both Done an Excellent Job! And I just wanted to Share this with you Since you Are a great Part of Our lives!! If it wasnt for the Xi Fest (That Deanna wont stop talking about btw) and Meeting you guys have really brought Encouragement and Fun Time to hang out when we can. Cause I know our Lives can get Busy and Hectic, but time to Time we love to hang out and Shoot Each other in Game ... we Also Love to Enjoy Telling Family Stories As well... Thank you Xi For Being part of Our Family, if it Wasnt for you guys And Encouraging Us Each Day, have fun time and Giggle.. I dunno what Id do Really.. you Guys are So Great! Thanks Once Again for Being part of the Goofy Family lol Thanks So much for Encouraging Words that you have Given Our Family. Here is a Photo From This morning.
  4. Wow, I see how it is, we were okay with you Coming you know that. but thats Okay. Cute PC.
  5. Thank you guys So much! I hadnt seen my brother in a bout 10 years, and the last memory was of Myself and Him Spreading Ashes with my Mom in the Woods (mountains) in Southern California Near where She lived. so a bit Difficult. Like i said very stubborn man lol. But when i was growing up we tried to be Close.. and had some good Memories. Thank you for the kind Thoughts..
  6. Forgot to Mention, he had a really bad Seizure, Collapsed and Past away! once we turned off the Machines it was 5 minutes after he stopped Breathing.
  7. This is So Hard For me! Anyways, My brother had Epilpsy & Diabeties. He was Already starting to Question about Life At this Point.... he was like whats the point of living ? Even when you cant live. He was on a ongoing basis with Dialasys to even make it every two Weeks I believe for his Liver. I think that was a Stage 2 liver Failure. His Life wasnt Kind to Him, he had a very hard time holding Relationships from the Very beginning, He was a stubborn Man, He loved Heavy metal, Women & He would play Poker Every Thursday night. He would Also go to Church time to time when he could, I believe if im correct that he was a Nasarian . (Religion) He loved Everyone.. He would Always Try n Be Popular, he would talk about the Snow that they just had in Portland Oregon Just Recently. His Friends loved him and he had 2 other Roommates Living With him, His Roommate Brenden has been really sweet to Me... Eventho that Brian was already passed he asked Kimee did you want to Say anything to Brian, No i said Just that I love him very much and Im not Angry At him. What sucked Was I had to help my aunts make the decisions to turn off the Machines. This had put me in a great depression and im trying to cope with My Brothers Death, Cope with the fact i turned off the machines eventho it was the Best for Him, and Cope the Fact I have Outlived my Intermediate Family, im the only Alive Now, I just have my two aunts. Except their kids and their lil babies, so its just been very difficult for me... Prayers Are Welcome "Thoughts" if your not a Religious Person are very Welcome... I really appreciate the Warmest thoughts n prayers already on Facebook and Thank you LilAcorn your thoughts were very kind, yes lol i know Brian was a pain in our Asses but thats what made him him at times lmfao. This is a Picture I grabbed of Brian he loved Poker n Women. but Which Man Doesn't? Right? Im Sorry Brian you didnt Draw your Full House like you wanted..l Rest in Peace Brotha. He was Only 50 years Old!
  8. Lovyan


    So I know a couple of you stream and a couple of you Play DBD (Dead by Daylight) Just Really Look me Up if you want to Play Either, DBD or VHS (Video Horror Society) And Or PropNight Which all Are DBD Based Games. I have a Discord that we all can Hang out At, I dont know How many XI Members out there Use Discord, but I got a couple of you guys Using Discord .. I just Miss the Old days where we were in Teamspeak or Discord hanging out Play Games n Stuff And Everything is Fine, Just Let me Know or you Can Join my Discord Link. https://discord.gg/7FZ77FkxP9
  9. I'm very Obsessed With DBD, Im a DBD Streamer Actually thats how Much I love it lol! Alot of times 5 hours During the Day n stuff.. I can give you my discord if you want to come in and Hang out.. https://discord.gg/b3cEGNWc
  10. lol awe you guys.. gunna make an ol mom cry .. n Cute Kitchen btw bob
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