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  1. awee im really sorry for your loss, its really hard to see an animal pass away in front of you.. *hugs* Take Care Merlin.
  2. that looks really good makes me wanna get some lol
  3. Lovyan


    Was Just wondering I think LilMordy Answered this but who Does Backgrounds for XI Members? She was Wanting one for her Tag . And I believe Angelz made it but I dont think shes Here Anymore. so thats why i thought to Ask Anyways.
  4. lilmordy plays valorant and always looking for Players. she always Demands me to play im like nahh im good lmfao, I like to play Power Wash Sim, Ow2, dbd, cod, i love the Resident Evil Games, Anything on gamepass lol. I would love to start gathering some xi and maybe playing a few Rounds of Dbd or another Game that is Multi player, Just LMK if ur Interested, and Reason why i mented Rust was Cause we had a Rust Server, but I just dont See the Xi Playing Rust Alot. thats why i was Asking. And Dead island is pretty good Idea. Oh Heres my Discord https://discord.gg/aHUYPWgB
  5. Hey guys what games do you play Besides Cod4 Freeze Tag. Mine is Dead by Daylight n Rocket League. Also Do we Play Rust Here Still? it just seemed like it Died a while Back.
  6. Does our Clan still Do Rust? I have that, left 4 dead, 1 and 2. Dead by Daylight. Cod4 I have cod5 but Not installed lol. star wars and some Resident Evil Games, Steam n Xbox. Rose, lmk for dbd games i can help u if u need any. i got rid of team speak bc i thought xi doesnt use it . heres my discord link ... https://discord.gg/drRtXRgu
  7. I was just wondering for the Us Clan Members who Cant Make it, Can you guys post some photos for us? I really wish i could be there with you to have fun hang out n just Be all goofy like we all are all the time lol. id appreciate it if you could do that. Thanks 3>
  8. Other than cod4, Is there Other games that you guys play w? My 2 go Game has been Dead by Daylight, Resident Evil 2, and Rocket League Sometimes. Just Let me know would love to Start gaming with Other Xi Members. I do Have a Discord if you wanna hang out like old times.
  9. Totally forgot to wish All the XI Members New and Old, a Happy Valentines Day. lol I hope everyone had a great Day! were Still in Recovery from the Stomach Bug. Mine was Stomach & Sinus and Allergies.. Family is getting better. Enjoy The Rest of your Day! Happy Valentines Day Once Again!! The Love Holiday lol. if you Celebrate it.
  10. ive been seeing alot of spotlights but how do you get one? and Also Great Spotlight Angus
  11. I have msged him thru the Email here on xtreme iddiots page. I thought i had him on Messenger. I left my phone number, if he could give me a call When he gets a Chance. Im Sorry hes Not Feeling Good, I have Always thought of him as a Family Member ( a Bro) And a really Good Friend. Need to Catch up Funstick. Seriously lol
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