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  1. joedoe

    Welcome to XI Sensei.
  2. joedoe

    Welcome Biggie I have a shot for you
  3. joedoe

  4. Guys it's true we are limiting our freedom (going out, having fun, seeing our dear family members), but if we do this we give the freedom to others to live, and let's not forget that because of this damn COVID-19 many will die for not having treatment due to full hospitals and stressed doctors, what it costs us to respect 2 small rules for the good of all. do we respect the rules of a clan and fail to respect the rules for living?
  5. joedoe

    welcome, it will be a pleasure to exchange a shot with you
  6. your freedom ends where my freedom begins so we are free not to accept such posts, you could only express your opinion without referring to such sites, so my friend you are free to be upset and leave all of us



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