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  1. Mummmbl3s

    OMG bud, I'm sorry! Haven't been around much as of I just heard. Shocked here... will take me a while to process. Condolences. Cobra was an ICON! --RIP-- -Mummm-
  2. Oh, and the source of that is MINE. That's my website...and my file from my \windows\WOW64 folder. It's from my last PB update, or COD patch. So if you're concerned about the legitimacy of the file, it's not something I downloaded. It's the official PB service, and dated 2012, even though the actual version is 2011. The only reason I posted is 'cause if you have to reinstall, and you don't have the PB service installer - and no one does - then your files are useful, but they don't allow for an install of the service. Do you have a link for the PB service online? I can't find anything. I reinstalled my machine...had to copy over the old PBSVC.EXE in order to install the service. So far, our servers don't seem to mind it. I haven't been kicked, and PB 'talks' to the servers just fine. But who knows....?
  3. I hear ya. No idea...I couldn't find ANY public sources for the pbsvc.exe anywhere...not from evenbalance, or other sites. ONLY the HTML, PHP files. If you have a link for the latest/newest PBSVC.EXE, or if you have it installed and can upload it somewhere, lemme know. I'm running that PBSVC.EXE. It's from the 1.7 patch. If there's a newer one, maybe evenbalance put one out? But if you have COD4, you can't update PB anymore. You can't download the PB service and install it/update it. Yes, if you have one of the supported games, you can update PB to the latest version. Will that work with COD4? For how long? No ideas. Bottom line... are you guys still updating PB's files manually? Or are we stuck on the last version they put out? Either/or, I'm happy to remove the file and edit the post if you wish. Just lemme know. Mummm
  4. Hi guys! Just was talking to Raven in the new MW2 server, and he mentioned that a bunch of people are having problems with the PB stuff since Evenbalance discontinued it - specifically, Windows 8 folks! Go to the BOTTOM of this post about VOLUME issues.. I may have a fix for you: There's an UPDATED PBSVC.EXE from May, 2012. This is NOT on the original COD 4 DVD. It would have to be updated to the latest patch. For those of you - like me - who just COPY the game from computer to computer as you upgrade - I have done this 5 times now - then you'll NEED this updated PBSVC.EXE file. DUKOO, I wasn't sure how to upload it...whatever, so here's a link to my comp. consulting website. I zipped up the file. I believe it's May, 2012. PBSVC.EXE. If you upgrade or reinstall Windows, copy over your probably HUGE COD4 folder and try to run it, A) you'll have to re-enter your multiplayer CDKEY, you'll have to copy over registry entries for COD - otherwise lots of things will get lost - if you REALLY need to know how to do that, let me know - and C) you MUST reinstall the PBSVC. OR... just reinstall COD4 altogether, and copy over the folder. It's a helluva lot longer to do, but it will work. I think running the PBSVC.EXE file is ... much easier and faster! You STILL need to follow DUKOO's install instructions to UPDATE PB to the last version. But do this first. So if you have installed COD 4 AND patched it to the last 1.7 version, ignore this. You have another issue. If you have NOT, then you must install the PB services - this works FINE in Windows 8.1 - I'm running it. Voila! Download that. UNZIP IT - desktop... or some folder. DO NOT COPY it into the COD folders. All you do it RUN this file. In Windows Vista and LATER - Windows 7, 8, 8.1 - RIGHT-CLICK the SBSVC.EXE file and RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR! You may then check off 'Install/test' the service, and click NEXT. TADA! You now have Punkbuster services reinstalled! You might have to remove/reinstall... and if the Windows firewall requests you to add COD 4 or PB to its EXCEPTIONS list, DO IT! Otherwise, you'll have to disable the firewall to play - not recommended. AFTER PBSVC.EXE is installed, THEN follow the simple instructions by Dukoo.,..and lord-willing, you will be back up and running! All stats reset. Sorry. VOLUME ISSUES Ok... so...stuck in your speakers and not your headphones? Windows 8... RIGHT-CLICK the little white volume icon in the bottom right-hand corner. Select PLAYBACK devices. Click on headphones, or speakers, and click SET AS DEFAULT! Voila. If you don't have a little white volume icon, you may not have your soundcard drivers installed. Lemme know! PM...reply..whatever. New thread maybe... Have fun! Mummmbl3s
  5. Mummmbl3s

    uhm... the guy didn't get his eyes fixed because when this happened to him, medical science didn't have the technology to fix it. It had nothing to do with him waiting. Just sayin' ... but a good rip on the Canadians. At the moment, I've had an ear infection for 5 months. We pay out the ass for health care. I CANNOT go directly to my ENT 'cause my 'primary care physician' has to approve it. So... 2 courses of antibiotics, one diagnosis of "oh, that's just your body's natural healing process," and 5 months of misery, I'M STILL waiting for the US healthcare system to fix my problem. I won't even get into my heart and stomach issues. In Canada, I'd probably be all done...and it wouldn't have cost me a damned penny out of pocket. If it's cheaper for everyone to pay in, why the HELL do we have to all pay a LOT more for crappier health care? I really don't understand. The only ones who benefit from our system are the insurance companies.
  6. Mummmbl3s

    "Casual racism" is racism. It ain't gonna change by firing people. Her job is ALL about image. She's let go because she now has an image problem. It wouldn't matter what it was about. Why? 'Cause TV and all other media lives and dies by advertising revenue. If she stayed on, the Food Network would lose revenue and hurt their own image. Yep...politics and fame. Who knew? Did she systematically HURT people? I have no idea. THAT is the only issue. Anyone ever read Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain? CHEFS CUS! Anyone who has worked in a restaurant can tell you about it. Rough environment, and cursing is normal. ALL kinds of racial slurs abound and there's much more than simple racism. There's lots of competition, abuse, and systematic unfairness. Think FOOD TV is any different? No way. Personally, I don't think her career should be ruined 'cause she's a racist. Look at 90% of the FOX News staff. I think people are always hungry fir a scandal ..for entertainment. Sad. She'll go on and do more. If Martha Stewart can, so can Paula. ...well, assuming she doesn't die of a heart attack first.
  7. Mummmbl3s

    GoOnEy GOO GOO!!!!
  8. Mummmbl3s

    cool! Same bday as me! Have a happy!!!
  9. Yeah..I spent $2,500.00 on a custom desk/storage unit for my little office an Aeron chair - another $900.00 - and even changed out the keyboard tray/etc. NOTHING works. It's just overuse. I HAVE to work...I'd like ta play, but... playing is like 10 times work for my flexor muscle. Ah well.'s not 'that arm' so...jerkin' ain't a problem! lol Besides...some married guys actually like their wife! But that's another story. Oh there's also that staying up until 4:30am's kinda... a killer.
  10. Sorry if I posted this in the wrong section....first time I ever had to do it, so I scanned through the forums and saw that a bunch of people who were sick, leaving for a while, or leaving permanently/etc. all posted in here. Got the private message about new rules. If it's required, I'll remove my tags/etc. and re-apply if/when I get my arms fixed. I don't want to misrepresent anything or anyone. I just can't play...and actually typing THIS is difficult...or rather...I'm going to pay for typing it shortly with some pain. So....would rather...well...hard to post stuff when typing physically hurts. Hell, I type at over 100 wpm,'s fast...but it's painful. Mousing is much worse than typing, though. All annoying stuff. Repetetive stress injuries.
  11. I hear ya PL! I'm actually allergic to cortizone...or I should's like drinking 100 cups of coffee all at once. Can't do that..or anything like Claritin D - good old pseudophedrine,! Don't think the drugs are doing much, but I'm getting a brace. I think the brace might allow me to play again...we'll see!
  12. Hi guys! For those in the COD4 world who have been wondering where I went, I didn't go anywhere. Apparently, gaming has done some damage to my arms, especially the mouse hand - right flexor muscle is bad. I have tendonitis. Just started an inflammatory perscription. I'm a professional clarinetist and MUST keep these babies in good condition or I'll lose the ability to play. So... I have to take a break. Not sure how long. Been over a month since I've been on the servers....miss it a LOT! Not sure how long...or what it'll be...or what the plans are, but I'm waiting to see how well it heals. Gaming is the #1 culprit - I hehe a bit INTO IT, ya know!... So...if it gets all healed up, I'll look into arm braces - weird things that clip onto the desk and hold your forearms in good positions to take away tension/etc. But it's gonna be a few months until the soft tissue heals. We OLD farts - 40 plus years - don't heal up easily...takes a long time for soft-tissue and connective tissues to go back to normal..if at all. So..working on it...sorry... will keep up in here and XFIRE...but will probably not be playin' for a while. TOTALLY understood if folks want tags removed..or what have you... I leave it to the power that be! Just hangin' right now. Cyas on Facebook and the forums. Best, Mummm
  13. Mummmbl3s


    Hi Guppie!
  14. used to play rifles-only for years! Would love to do that again. Bolt-action...the best!