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  1. Longdogg

    one of us one of us........ welcome
  2. Longdogg

    Hello All Iwould like to play Rocket League but I need people to play with, that are on TS so if you have steam and play any games on there then PLEASE BE MY FRIEND add LDOG Cheers all
  3. But i like to say I'm back Now what have i missed? last time i play I think was Xmas on bf4
  4. Longdogg

    happy birthday
  5. Longdogg

    happy birthday
  6. Longdogg

    happy birthday
  7. Longdogg

    I stoped smoking in 2009 it was the hardest thing I have ever done, good luck to anyone who is giving up
  8. Longdogg

    Hope you have a good day, all the best
  9. Longdogg

    Ge force telling me to make more post's
  10. Longdogg

    Well done G3 I'm still going you hunt you down and kill you {in the game}
  11. Longdogg

    Happy Birthday
  12. Longdogg

    A late Happy Birthday hope you had a good one
  13. Longdogg

    ok I have a BH admin friend for sale {this is a 3rd post} he's an ok player, takes about 3 to 4 weeks to get him up and running, dont join him on ts with your sound up on full coz when he dies or someone jumps out on him, he will scream like a banshee.............................................oh his name Ge-force starting bid $2 all money rasied will go to XI but you have to look after G and feed him {from what I'm told he eats welch foods} any questions I'm on BH IX sever or I might be on BF4 XI sever happy bidding
  14. Longdogg

    ok so im told it cost 15$ if you want to camp on the bf4 severs lol, now what i want to know is how much are the xi hacks, no one every talks about that, well some people do and ge force bans them asap. heres my second hope your happy edd



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