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    Not getting stabbed in Middlesbrough.

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  1. Looks very promising! Especially from a clan such as ourselves. Will have to keep an eye on this. Very early alpha atm.
  2. Seen him on the weekend in Newcastle. Very funny guy! Anybody else seen him? He's an absolute legend at incorporating music into his comedy!
  3. What did I say? I knew it was going to be shit!
  4. Xpanda

    Noice! Plenty of time to save up some moolah!
  5. Xpanda

    Happy for you man where there's a will there's a way! Also, adding onto JohnnyDos, if you didn't want to smoke weed like he does; CBD oil is always a good option! Most people say it's a god send. Basically all the medicinal stuff from weed without the psychoactive stuff. Good luck for the future man!
  6. Xpanda

    90s music was the best
  7. At first I found it hard to compare... but then I realized I had all those citadel hits
  8. Xpanda

    I don't know why I bother posting these... am I the only one here that listens to techno?
  9. Xpanda

    In a not-so-funny-for-me moment... I've become lost at sea. I was stood at a port fishing and left it while I went to make a coffee. Came back and I must have clipped a boat and it whisked me off. What a pain in the arse!
  10. Xpanda

    Way to piss on his parade! Really feeling the clan spirit :S FYI, death is free. Doesn't cost a penny to lay down and starve yourself to death. Given also, that 1600 is a decent calorie intake for somebody on a diet, $2 (or free) in this case is a pretty decent sum for feeding yourself for a day. Timmah!, go you matey!
  11. Xpanda

    Apologies for sounding blunt but... why?
  12. Xpanda

    Always good background music
  13. Xpanda

    Man! Why didn't I think of this
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