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  1. LordRaiden

    how do i claim? ive looked and dont see how
  2. LordRaiden

    I have not been on for a few weeks now do to back problems...Doc told me that I have scoliosis, disc fusing, and something to do with the muscles...very tight...lots of pain - anyway I wanted to let you know,, not that anyone actually cares..... I finally start my therapy tomorrow
  3. LordRaiden

    Well surgery was a success I hope. I should be back to fragging you all within a month, maybe sooner. Hurts like freaking hell!!!
  4. LordRaiden

    I just wanted to let you know that it will be awhile, a month or so, before I am able to get back to fragging you guys and gals. I am getting rotator cuff surgery at 7:30 am tomorrow morning. Cyaz soon!
  5. LordRaiden

    Just stopping by to say Hi....
  6. I am looking for a team.....I will play if someone needs a player
  7. I am available if someone needs a decent player. It just can't be on Saturdays 8a - 9p
  8. LordRaiden

    Ok, that would be great! I do not understand wtf could have happened....
  9. LordRaiden

    I can't get into the game anymore....constant IW3MP error every time!
  10. LordRaiden

    My comp seemed fine yesterday for the most part. I played modern warfare for a few before going to the store and then no one was at the server. I opened my favorites and tried surfing the net. I noticed that my favorites had changed and my home page had changed to Microsoft edge. All of the windows that I had opened...bills etc had disappeared. I went to favorites to go to my bill folder and noticed everything had been changed and my bill folder was gone...wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did a virus scan and found nothing. Not sure what I need to do.....Maybe someone could remote into my box and see and or fix whatever went wrong. I also did a system restore but it failed 2 times. I can't get into the game anymore....constant IW3MP error every time! I cant get into TS either!!!
  11. LordRaiden

    Just checking in....Trying to find another computer tech to figure out what is wrong with my back up comp. Turned it on and it popped.....Nada after that....not sure if something on the motherrboard went or power supply.....
  12. LordRaiden

    Just stopping by to say Wassupo!



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