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  1. Usually you would cut two feet of the drywall from the floor that was wet I would cut a pretty large hole in your ceiling say 4x8 a whole sheet of drywall and then runs dehumidifier If your floor is tile I would only dry from underneath but if you have some sort of laminate or wood floors you should remove the flooring because water likes to hide in between subfloor and will create mold.. carpet can be pulled back until no visible signs of water running a dehumidifier is pretty much the only way you should trust drying process you will also want to to run fans and usually turn your heat up real high…
  2. Love this .. though this does make me sad that this event started with just one fallen member..
  3. Of course!! Wound up with 73 lbs filets 9 pounds eggs
  4. Me my two brothers and nephew spent 3 days fishing the rivers for kings we came home with 11 kings and 1 jack filled a huge cooler…love my life lol
  5. Just wondering what kind of tools you guys run.. I myself have switched brands three times… I don’t think I need to switch again … Milwaukee packout system is so awesome!! I’m able to carry tons of tools at once and they are strong enough to take tons of abuse in my trade
  6. nothing works wasted way to much time on this... and its un fucking believable even keep wasting my time trying the things in this forum... wish i can find my original copy
  7. I tried so many things to make my steam version work but still no go.. if you figure it out let me know
  8. Welcome to the house of idiots where being a idiot is embraced
  9. You have to have a boaters license to operate a pwc in Washington.. no you can’t drive mine unless you have or want to drive me around.. they are 3 seaters also.. more like a small fast boat.. and yes pwc supposed to yield to everybody
  10. Finally nice enough to get the skis in the water… money can’t buy happiness but it can buy jetskis.. have ever seen somebody not happy on a jet ski?
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