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    Making sweet love to myself at a medium pace.

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  1. MunkyMeat

    The windows 7 route of upgrading is ok if that is all you can do, however, there is a great benefit to doing a clean install of Win 10 with a valid key as win 7 does not support UEFI and you will be stuck in legacy. I have been getting 100% legit Win 10 pro keys off of ebay for about $3 a pop for some time now. It is well worth the money for the performance you get from UEFI especially if you are using an SSD. The only real advantage to maintaining Win 7 would be because of familiarity as you are actually at a loss performance wise.
  2. MunkyMeat

    Hello everyone. Some of you know me and I am certain alot more do not. I have been lurking about the edges of the community for quite a long while now and am slowly creeping back in. So, I just wanted to say "Sup" to all of you OG types and "Hola" to all of you that do not know me. On that note, kill ya later.......
  3. MunkyMeat

    https://www.humblebundle.com/store/the-red-solstice came across this and thought I would share with all of my poor gamer friends.
  4. MunkyMeat

    I am sure many of you have heard how the developers of Fortnite have released the Battle Royal element of their game Fortnite for free to all. You can get it fro free from epic games. I have an account on there that sadly is linked to an old account so my name on epic is Munky101. If you want to try the game and are looking for a team mate then hit me up and add me. PS. you can get it from HERE
  5. MunkyMeat

    I am wondering if any of you peeps play The Secret Word or Secret World Legends? Secret World Legends is the F2P continuation of The Secret World. It is an MMO and I am looking for peeps to try it out. Just starting myself so i cannot promise it won't suck.
  6. MunkyMeat

    So, got this stuff called lightshade. Anyone have any info?
  7. Doing my normal morning rounds of sipping SoCo and surfing the inter-webs, and I stumbled across this bit of free gameage for you guys to check out. It is free on steam so all you have to do is search for Fallout or be lazy and follow This Here ! Either way it is a free game to add to your steam library so you can be one of the cool kids. You know, like Barron.
  8. MunkyMeat

    Is funny yes? Cause true?
  9. MunkyMeat

    I touched myself after i ranked up the first time. Just saying.....
  10. MunkyMeat

    You eating all the kielbasa and lying to your wife about it, does not constitute a game.
  11. MunkyMeat

    So awesome.
  12. MunkyMeat

    I am always playing warframe. Add me on steam.
  13. MunkyMeat

    There you have it right there. The correct descriptor. Community! Just let that float around in the grey matter for a good bit. I will say it again, Community!
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