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  1. XxSNO0PxX

    Happy Birthday Crazy! ?
  2. XxSNO0PxX

    Welcome, Pleasure playing with you.
  3. XxSNO0PxX

  4. XxSNO0PxX

    Is that Dragon and Dallas?
  5. XxSNO0PxX

  6. XxSNO0PxX

    Thanks All, and Athena you and Angel can have the wine, as I am not yet old enough to consume those types of beverages
  7. XxSNO0PxX

    Happy Birthday again Hunter
  8. XxSNO0PxX

    Happy Birthday Hunter
  9. XxSNO0PxX

    Well, I have come to the conclusion that if the server is going to ban people for no reason and not claimed, I may need to do a few tweaks to the server
  10. XxSNO0PxX

    Nice, Lmao
  11. XxSNO0PxX

    Great news!