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    Being retired from the Federal government and enjoying life!

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    Bust your CHOPS

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  1. Major Yahoo

    Thanks All, getting old
  2. Help is on the way for you all IDIOTS

  3. How come there are so many Idiots on this site?

    1. S.T.A.L.K.E.R


      Because it's tuesday.

  4. Major Yahoo

    Puppets, All of you are liars and crooked!
  5. Major Yahoo

    Happy 28th Birthday girl!
  6. Has anyone heard from Aquaguy/AKA AquaGirl?

  7. We are the champions

  8. Major Yahoo

    Aqua Girl, you better come back so I can break your chops. Other wise I'll be stuck with Sally killing me all the time or the likes of Rami Star the comedian, T-Rat the Golden Banana dancer, Scottie the tissue, Ice the ice cube, Buddabutt the Buddabing and the rest of those Idiots! Good luck and I'll be saving some shit for you or your return!
  9. Major Yahoo

    Welcome to the Idiots!
  10. Being retired, everyday is Saturday

  11. Major Yahoo

    Happy Birthday Cube Ball, may your ice always stay cold.
  12. Major Yahoo

    Welcome to our idiot family!
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