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  1. Poseidon

    Thank you all!
  2. Poseidon

    Thats awesome bro, I truly need your will power.. Keep living brother!
  3. Poseidon

    Both of you are in my prayers brother!
  4. Poseidon

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY ROXY!! Here is a picture of me for your present ;;)
  5. Poseidon

  6. Poseidon

    Praying for you brother, miss you man!
  7. Poseidon

    Hell Aye!
  8. Poseidon

    How about Texas?!?! Its wonderful this time of year!
  9. Poseidon

    Ill take some, ya have any sports games or racing games?
  10. Poseidon

    haha @Dukoo
  11. Poseidon

    @XK Bullets , I could not have said it better myself. I have always been a rager but more at myself. I try to remember to compliment but sometimes ya forget. Its getting to the point on any game that sportsmanship is out the window. Ive missed the days of having fun on the server
  12. Poseidon

  13. Poseidon

    Congrats my friend!!!!!
  14. Poseidon

    @iboomboom Im truly sorry for your loss brother. I promise you I know your pain. I was very close to my mom and miss her everyday, she was the glue that held our family together and since her passing there is no more family and it hurts. She too waited for me to have my own family but I was never able to give that to her, I am truly glad to see you do that for yours and Im sure she was too. Much love to you brother, miss you and hope to see you in TS or atleast on the field of battle. Many many prayers for you and your family my friend.