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  1. Hi Pengi. How awesome is that. You are such an Amazing woman. Glad for your achievement. Scott
  2. So sorry for your loss. Prayers for you and the family.
  3. It is tough reading these names. I was away for a bit. However, I knew a lot of them. Everyone be safe and take care. Jedi-Jack Scott
  4. Thank you guys very much. It worked brilliantly. Currently frozen. Thanks Again, Jedi-Jack
  5. Hi everyone/anyone, My PC had a really bad bowel movement the other day while I was playing. When I restarted the PC, the game would not work. So I uninstalled and re-installed. Now it says that a different version is running and I cannot get our servers to come up. I have the game from steam. 1.7 is the game version. I am looking for any ideas on a fix. Thank You in advance. Scott, Jedi-Jack
  6. Happy Birthday, Poseidon (42) mrs_kage (32) Stringer (34) Jedi-Jack
  7. You poop! Make it sound that like you are leaving! Have a wonderful time.
  8. NickTheGrip (61) Mule (63) Magnus_1 (69) springfield1 (61)
  9. Happy Awesome Birthday! I hope it is going well. Flash (29) Stoner (40) SirThunder (57) Jedi-Jack
  10. Store Manager of an Auto Parts Store.
  11. Happy AWESOME belated birthdays! Daxx68 (54) WldPenguin (56) Jedi-Jack
  12. Happy Awesome Birthday. I hope it is fantastic. woody (55) Jedi-Jack
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