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  1. It is tough reading these names. I was away for a bit. However, I knew a lot of them. Everyone be safe and take care. Jedi-Jack Scott
  2. Thank you guys very much. It worked brilliantly. Currently frozen. Thanks Again, Jedi-Jack
  3. Hi everyone/anyone, My PC had a really bad bowel movement the other day while I was playing. When I restarted the PC, the game would not work. So I uninstalled and re-installed. Now it says that a different version is running and I cannot get our servers to come up. I have the game from steam. 1.7 is the game version. I am looking for any ideas on a fix. Thank You in advance. Scott, Jedi-Jack
  4. Happy Birthday, Poseidon (42) mrs_kage (32) Stringer (34) Jedi-Jack
  5. You poop! Make it sound that like you are leaving! Have a wonderful time.
  6. NickTheGrip (61) Mule (63) Magnus_1 (69) springfield1 (61)
  7. Happy Awesome Birthday! I hope it is going well. Flash (29) Stoner (40) SirThunder (57) Jedi-Jack
  8. Store Manager of an Auto Parts Store.
  9. Happy AWESOME belated birthdays! Daxx68 (54) WldPenguin (56) Jedi-Jack
  10. Happy Awesome Birthday. I hope it is fantastic. woody (55) Jedi-Jack
  11. Happy Awesome Birthday. May it be blessed and full of wonderfulness. Freelancer (36) Gam3rGurL (36) Jedi-Jack
  12. Happy Super Awesome Special Birthday Wishes to a few other glorious people. blackwidow (40) STAMINK (59) NGCrewDawg (55) Jedi-Jack
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