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  1. ANGU5

    This thread says a lot about people.. I'm liking it cause i'm learning about everyone involved
  2. ANGU5

  3. ANGU5

    🤦‍♂️The human race is so doomed...
  4. ANGU5

    A tired that has been used since made will last longer than a tire that has sat for a while then used...Comparing same life span..
  5. ANGU5

    Put set on my sons car yesterday... 4th week of this year, Say I did ok.....
  6. ANGU5

    O I'm all on it.. 👍
  7. ANGU5

    Welcome... And another chick from Ohio.. OMY lord help us... just watch for that one we call Dirty... AKA @WldPenguinGreat picks!
  8. ANGU5

  9. ANGU5

    Don't fall off the flat earth...
  10. ANGU5

    Thoughts and Prayers for you and your family..
  11. ANGU5

  12. ANGU5

    would you do the job for free....?
  13. Well I would have to agree with these people for those reason for sure... And back at you for being exactly like me.... See that's why we get along.. Kind of like me and @SABRE... Asshole and great guy.. Lol.. But one true favorite is my dirty bird... @WldPenguin.. She has been GG and I favorite wild one for long time..... But I really have a great group I love playing with and you know who you are..... ??