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  1. ANGU5

    Wow..... Really.... Just when you think you've seen it all....... Welcome idiot....
  2. No.. She was a front seat girl...
  3. It was one hell of a ride..
  4. You would do better then you think.. Lol
  5. GG and I have been enjoying the world as it should be, Getting out. Recently we got a new Ride.. Ruby SS is her name.. She is 3 months old and doing great. This past week she went for her first outing. My best friend and I took her out to the mountains for 5 days. Went less the 5 hours away to a Camaro Rally with over 180 cars and put over 1700 miles on her, Over a 1000 of that was just being in and around the Tail of The Dragon in East TN and NC.. If your not familiar with the TOD you should look it up.. 318 turns in 11 miles, and other great roads.. 129, and Cherohala skyway and few more..
  6. ANGU5

    No more words to say other then this . its simple, I have had the chance to get to know you a little better out of game. And know this, Your a great young man with your whole life in front of you. Take everything every one said and make it yours. Learn, Think, motivate , and move forward the way you see fit for your life... Take care of your self before taking care of anybody else.... Don't judge yourself so hard and be open to everything .... Make life fun... keep life simple.. and just understand, Things that hurt us ,Don't destroy us, They just make us stronger and better..
  7. ANGU5

    .... No words....... just no words.... Oh wait, no not really... Nothing......
  8. ANGU5

  9. If @AthenAwas a ride.. Powerful, easy to look at and get you in trouble quick... Couldn't resist, one of my rally buddies and one of his 3 zl1 camaros..
  10. lol silly man...
  11. Kentucky Dam. On the Tennessee river and Kentucky lake in west ky.. They are building a new lock system next to the old one and this is at the visitor center, Its about half hour from our house.
  12. No where near @RobMc kind of day. Just out for a drive in the new ride and enjoying the sun..
  13. @AthenA Ole my sweet Canadian girl... You just made my day.. lol very funny
  14. ANGU5

    25 years plus in logistics, warehousing and cdl.. Ask away..



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