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  1. So, who is pretuning.... Were ready...
  2. Well, after much thought and planning, @Gatorgirland I will be attending. Realizing that the house has the appropriate name and safe word in place.. And knowing that @Roxy! And @WldPenguinwould need some supervision, I just knew it was the right thing to do... And yes, we will be bringing pool toys.. Let the party begin..
  3. ANGU5

    Ouch , Sorry to see, Glad to see your ok..
  4. My 40 year plus best friend and his son. Yes thats snow falling. We should have turned back here.. But huh, Nope... Just around the bend headed up the hill Art didn't make any higher. Track tires wasn't having it. Tree of shame.. All in all it was a great weekend when we found dry pavement.
  5. ANGU5

    Very nice ,Congratulations.
  6. ANGU5

    Nice project, good deal on saving tank, Rest of complete fuel system should all be replaced. You will be fighting fuel system problem if you don't , Money well spent in long run, Good luck. Keep us updated.
  7. ANGU5

    Most of the time? It's hard, but try to keep up with important stuff, You know, like idiots posting, F1 standings, car shows and race schedules, o and car parts for Ruby. But to make money, work at recently family owned and sold warehouse business, dealing with local industry such as Vanderbilt Chemicals where @Gatorgirlworks and Saputo dariy, and Pella windows..
  8. ANGU5

    You must have missed GG's fans only page then.. Plenty there ...
  9. Spring is just around the corner and it's about roll out time.. Little preview from the last couple of weeks for what's to come this summer with @Gatorgirl Day cruises and Nashville Cars & Coffee Little loud wind, Sorry.
  10. ANGU5

    So are we going to start having a night for every member to have their favorite maps in their honor.....
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