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  1. ANGU5

    Welcome to Walmart..
  2. ANGU5

    lol true.. But fb add was wrong, Not sure why it did that.. Was just sharing a car for my cousin, they sale nice mid range classics and such.. As for you quoting something from him.. your truly in bad shape and out of your own material..🤣😎
  3. ANGU5

    I'm sure arrangements can be made//// 🤣
  4. ANGU5

    lol ,Now you know they are scrapping the bottom......🤣😎 Congrats my friend... Good addition..
  5. ANGU5

    🤣 Just in case you think its the greatest thing ever, you should realize all good things can be destroyed in the blink of a eye......🤣
  6. Well hell, I am like most men and want it at least twice ,, right !?!?
  7. Never give up!!! lamo Like I have always said, I am easy, just not cheap.. Working my way to the top!!
  8. God help me.... I thought I had gotten rid of this..... You all wonder why I drink...... I will remind everyone of one thing.. She gets a call while I am getting some dirty like happened with another so called member @RipperI will track you down and pour honey and hot sauce all over you........🤣😏😉.... hehe.. Congrats to you darlin. I have always said you were good a lot of things and proud of you... Good luck and keep all the idiots in line....
  9. O Don't worry, There will be something going on in your bed at xi so you wont feel left out big boy!!
  10. I remember a train once, O wait forgot her name..Nevermind
  11. ANGU5

    Dual Hard drives ?
  12. 🙏 Thank you for update Six... 👍
  13. ANGU5

    I never wish anyone to fail.. And love dreams for all... Just giving you hard time like you like to give out..... I do wish you all the best.. But like a lot of said, this isn't like moving to the other side of town......Maybe you just need some new socks or pannies, 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️😋 Good luck...
  14. ANGU5

    Lots of chatter for some who won't even come to Xi...... 🤔 Good luck.... 🤦‍♂️
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