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  1. Great news my friend, continued prayers for a fast recovery!
  2. I'm sorry to hear my friend, I can understand your hurt and pain of this news o so very well.. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family as you go through this. We are here for you.
  3. Beautiful pics my friend. Great story, Thanks for sharing!
  4. Can't help you in any healthcare advice, But i can say good luck. Healthcare can be very challenging, But very rewarding. It will be very different from the IT world you were in. But at your young age you should do great.. Again good luck and have fun with it. And if your single, Nurses are hot!
  5. Sorry for your loss, GG and I are sending prayers for you and your family.
  6. You don't sport huh.... We'll have to fix that.. lol . Hope all is well, Thanks for sharing.
  7. You don't want to know what it is for a full service for camaro, Pay it and be happy.
  8. That's Awesome! I did that as a kid and loved it... For @Gatorgirl and I Ruby is our hobby of choice. We enjoy spirted mountain runs and Drag racing... And of course shooting idiots!!
  9. I'm so excited that my jar of Fucks showed up, I ran out early this year. But I'm ready for the new year with plenty to give.. So bring on 2024!
  10. No room for travel.. And I like the hard top... But you can send the cash for the zl1 1le hard top and I'll get it for Ruby to have a friend
  11. Another great summer, Just a little of what @Gatorgirland I have been up to with Ruby. 393126130_23874806505497467_7837222515705136736_n.mp4 388913199_6860485237368203_220229634914254079_n.mp4 366398636_7039294006094623_5828642247836199472_n.mp4
  12. 20230908_141615.mp4 20230908_142125.mp4 20230908_142914.mp4 20230908_134335.mp4 20230908_134013.mp4 20230908_133936.mp4 20230908_133633.mp4 20230908_132147.mp4 20230908_132558.mp4 20230908_131820.mp4 20230908_114938.mp4 20230908_125934.mp4 20230908_125523.mp4
  13. Get well soon buddy!! Thoughts and prayers for healing.
  14. Congrats to both! Happy and proud for you all!!
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