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  1. ANGU5

    On the left is Lilly.. Right is Lewis. Lewis Hamilton.. #44 THis year, The dog is Lewis's Yes the cat has his own dog, T-Bo.. Then there is a GG ,I have my own GG .. He runs the place..
  2. Hush your freaking mouth....🖕🤣
  3. ANGU5

    Why are we buying all the tp again, We're in good shape in my part of the country ..
  4. You too my friend, The worry is for my son and two buddies as they head out next Friday for LA for spring break,, YAY US...
  5. Poor Tron, You really thought any intelligent conversation would come from this.... Good try..😎
  6. But yet you took a admin position here .....ok... lol let me know how that turns out for you in six months..🤣
  7. ANGU5

    Get well soon!!
  8. LOL, well I'm not sure but I think Sabre and I just had a discussion about his people skills at work and some write ups... ? Guess your lucky this isn't work... 😎🤣🤘🍻 Congrats my friend!! Guess I'll hold on to the picks for now..
  9. Must really be using a large curve now days..
  10. Dam,Should have got him sooner...
  11. ANGU5

    Nice, I like the optics, And i want to go back to a 45* degree forergrip...And lose the bi-pod.. H&K make awesome stuff,.
  12. lol that's original...Sorry I hurt your feelings.. Good sign for being a leader ...
  13. Actually that was a major concern cause of my red dot placement.. I will look at that one.. Thanks bud...
  14. 🖕 Just useless.. All of you...and some of you call yourselves .... something...
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