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  1. Ok after being in and out and around Nashville for like the 30 plus years, That was cool...
  2. There is a good fest for that...
  3. lol no.. cause of lets say politely, Dipshits getting excited and ruining it for us normal folk... There was no shortage, It was paranoia about gun laws that weren't going to change and idiots buying and selling for stupid prices. .lol Now they are fuked cause Walmart and gun shops have plenty.. And maybe so do i....
  4. OMG no finish product!!! Yummy
  5. Happy birthday bitch!!..... Have a good one friend..
  6. Hmmm lmao...
  7. We all understand and get it..
  8. Oopsy wrong forum.... Hehe
  9. 4 stories....
  10. Have to come to XI to see those.. hehe
  11. For those needing exercise... lol
  12. Ok lady's and germs... Just a little reminder it's about time for xi fest in Nashville... There are plenty of post about the where and how and the activities... GG and I just wanted to let every know it's a great time to be had and hope as many of you can come that are able... We only live about a hour and 45 minutes away so we get to nashvegas a lot and there are plenty of folk that live there... So just going to share a few videos of our past weekend yes there is plenty of the tourists stuff to do and can find info about that every where.. Couple of things that are on list is the top golf and shooting range.. It's a tradition to go shooting and every loves it... But if you don't you can watch from their Veiwing area.. Same with golf.. But trust me, no experience needed!! Any who here is a few for you and hope to see many of you!! 20180804_230728.mp4 VID-20180805-WA0019.mp4 20180804_204556.mp4
  13. You bend over...... And all you get is dizzy... Sorry...