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  1. ANGU5

    Shaggggin wagon with a toilet .. DUUUMMMMM..... Peeerrrvvvv
  2. beggars .... Yep ,that is your first sign folks....
  3. ANGU5

    Maitland east.. Lake Mary, Tuscawilla, HeathRow... I have more..
  4. ANGU5

    From there.. Yep.. I can give a good list of areas....
  5. ANGU5

    Congrats to her..Good job...! And sassy,, lol always good..
  6. Yes,I have noticed in past when in the map changing process if I hit console key it would crash the game, Simply reconnect and it would come back... But it was for sure that. I could make it happen every time after once I tried to do it... something to look at.. good luck..
  7. ANGU5

    Yes , Thank you for sharing, Such a adorable little boy. He is such a ray of sunshine after going through all he and your family has.. Stay Strong has he as for him , GG and I sending prayers for continued progress on such a nasty disease ..
  8. Hey Agus!  Haven't seen ya around in a minute...how are ya?  Miss you cracking me up and blasting me in game dude.  Peace!


  9. ANGU5

    Actually I love both of these guys, Yacc don't let piglo tell you what to do, Funky don't don't go all Franklin on them... good luck o you both .,...
  10. Hell with the realtor, you see the rack on that wife....... That was 10000 of their budget...... 😎. Great job prime... 👍
  11. Beautiful!! Thank you for sharing..!
  12. ANGU5

    I'm not a pilot and never pretend to be one 😛 But its obvious that changing the physical balance of the plane was never a good idea and Software can't or shouldn't be the fix for it. I hate to throw blame and talk law suits, But I see heads are going to roll here.. .and should..
  13. Since you didn't narrow it down, I guess you mean this one??
  14. Custom one offs.. Newer frames with one cylinder motors...
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