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  1. You look about like GG....if it's a snake it would have bit you...
  2. Might be over compensating. But but bigger can be better some time.. Just more dry work with that one...
  3. So true. Admit to nothing but was concerned for my life... And answer to God and a judge..
  4. No hate here.. But agree to disagree.. Better to have then have needed.. And I live in great neighborhood...
  5. Also remember that when you shoot one make sure they fall in the house... Less legal issues that way :
  6. Lots of good advice Randall.. You really need to think before buying a gun home defense... You need to understand your laws where you live and how they apply to home defence in your state... Also 20 gauge is all you need. With right choke and shells its plenty of gun for home use... Go to a good local dealer and try to shoot everything your looking at so you can get use to it...And remember one thing.. You don't pull a gun unless you are going to use it and understand the taking of a life... Also always make sure whats behind your target.... Good luck and please be safe....
  7. Both at same time are good.....
  8. The Saleen and the Lotus were hot.. Notice the Lotus has the same air flow hood as the new Senna..
  9. I know some of you think you know me... But here it is.. 1. Work all day... 2. Come home and slap GG on the ass.... 3. Get great bourbon and come in game with you fukers and annoy everyone with backbone and have fun with my friends and die.. 3.1 And FU you all And load out... ? Whatever i feel like at the moment... Perks.. When GG walks by and all you other peeps are yelling at each other and it ain't me.... lol
  10. Where are you guys racing at and what group does he race with, where is home for you guys.. What times his he running.. 1/8 1/4...
  11. lol... Maybe for the whinners side of the aisle
  12. We will need to get a bunch of ideas then have a vote...
  13. Until I think of something else.. This is a great one and great Idea @FUNky
  14. You can call me out.. I deserve it... But I truly just bring it in game... All good...