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  1. ANGU5

    Sorry to hear about your dad my friend. I understand about getting out and just clearing your heads. rather its on a golf course or the woods or just a drive down a good road, We all need it some times ... Looks a great time, Glad you enjoyed it.. Thoughts and prayers for you and your family and dad... Keep rockin and the good vibes going.,..Sugar tits and @Gatorgirl miss you guys too!! 😎
  2. No we drive on the right side of the road.....😎
  3. It was exciting, I love speed and have driven many cars and gone faster then I did this time. But it was intense and a epic drive..
  4. ANGU5

    After 32 years together , It's something! We have our ups and downs like all, But she is a keeper, Or maybe i'm the keeper...lol We do love our car stuff though....😎
  5. ANGU5

    Cute, And no @Gatorgirl you can't have another one...
  6. ANGU5

    lol She doesnt break things , She just wants louder and faster things....😎
  7. ANGU5

    Some one has to keep her in check..... 🤣
  8. ANGU5

    Had a great time, Nice family owned shop, Might look at them doing some heads cam and exhaust work some day.. Thats why we went, To just get a feel for them and see how they operate..
  9. ANGU5

    GG and I are thinking about you and sending prayers and thoughts for you and your family..
  10. And People say grow up.. Never...
  11. ANGU5

    Didn't we already do this once.....?
  12. ANGU5

    Wow.. Some of you with your responses to some one are just ridiculous..... Sorry to hear about it... I have dealt with shoplifting before but that is about it... Just need to brush it off and not let it keep you from doing your normal routine and life.... 👍
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