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  1. Your just glad you met others like you, or you would have had to been locked up.....
  2. LMMFAO>>>>>>>!
  3. Now that's funny
  4. Lol I guess as many as it takes for all her squad to tell her happy birthday....i think there is still at least five to ten left... Lol
  5. Happy birthday to my favorite Penguin! Hope you have a great day and may your tax forms print the first time!!.. GG and I are here for you!!
  6. I could have done without that.... EWWWWWWWWWWWWW OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get well soon woman!! And now you cant shoot me!!!
  7. I have some penguins ,Good rates for only a 1000 feet...Anything farther and you might be out of luck.... Take care... Tell BB hi..Hope all continues to get better...
  8. longer spawn protection and fix why it kicks some of us each map ...
  9. Wow.. That hurt my brain...
  10. Happy Birthday buddy!!!
  11. This is twenty minutes from my house.. I have spent many afternoons in this parking lot while GG an I watched our son have band contest.. Know many people that live in this county, ( one over from mine).. Sad day around here in West Kentucky.. And it's 2 months past the 20 year mark from another a mass school shooting in another county about hour from here.. Prayers for those affected by this....... If you make this political I will have no respect for you as a member or person.... .
  13. Happy Birthday Giggles!!