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  1. lol... I don't even own a bike.. But I can explain it like a ole muscle car..Every things has been taking out of the feel of riding or driving..Old Bikes or cars give you a visceral feel.. No driving aids or assist.. Older bikes and cars with big sound and no power can be and are still more fun then any thing new..And you don't have to high horse power to enjoy a drive..THe feel of a huge twin, or a big v8 with the right setup can be more for then any old high rev or Euro bike any day.. Do I like new stuff or import stuff or European stuff.... ? of course I appreciate all kind of motorized vehicles.. Just for the feel of what driving , or riding is about I think nothing better then old school and big stokes and As far as hobbies... When the game doesn't do it for me, I shoot. I shoot real guns and enjoy Drag racing., And cars...Have friends in the sport...
  2. Everybody wish your favorite Tax accountant good luck as they push in to the final three days!! You got This @WldPenguin Hope all goes good! @Gatorgirl and I thinking about you..
  3. He passes..... Yep lol
  4. Happy Birthday!! I might have had something for you eskimos to enjoy, But it might not have been,,,, G rated Have a good one....!
  5. Thoughts and praters are with you and your family my friend.. Hope he gets well soon!!
  6. I like my meat bloody and my guns need cleaning...And life starts at oops did it come off. And Don't forget church on Easter Sunday... ;P
  7. Just some more picks to share for those interested in our short wedding weekend for my dad... Little boat ride around the canals before we left.. My new sisters neighborhood.. New Bride and Groom.. Wedding Party and Bride brother speaking.. Me and Dad... Local Flavor.. Son getting ready for LOL no explanation needed Son and Cousins.. New sisters.. Down Ripper.. Both taken.. One of the canals... 3 generations Anywho.. Just thought GG I and would share..
  8. Happy birthday girl! Now come touch me... Hope it's a good one...
  9. ooooW I make the best.....
  10. You were gone....?