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  1. ANGU5

    Thank you 😎🤘
  2. ANGU5

    silly silly man.....🤣
  3. ANGU5

    Lots of things have been proven at XI fest.. Just sayin...Just sayin...
  4. ANGU5

    Sounds so awesome.. I will have you get with some time and learn the in and out of going.. Where to go where to stay and the tricks and secrets of doing it... 👍 fortunately for me GG is a car girl. So she would love it also..
  5. ANGU5

    I know!!! I would love and want to go to Goodwood so bad!! i watch it every here!! 👍
  6. ANGU5

    1000% agree...
  7. After thinking it over , Took me a few days ....🤣 Congrats to my dear friend and my Dirteeee Bird Happy for you and this is a great fit and addition. Great balance to the crew.. Congratulations again darlin Happy for you! Now go kick @Tiger! And lets play.. 😉😘
  8. ANGU5

    Awesome looking time my friend, Happy you enjoyed it.!
  9. ANGU5

    Congrats on the race coming!! I am beginning to really have some respect for Max and the way he is growing up and maturing behind the wheel.. He is the kind of driver i like to watch.. We are LH fans here at home in the states.. As you saw GG and I had a awesome time at US in Austin..Great access to pits and track before race.. WE are hoping someday soon go overseas and see another or go to Miami or Canada for theirs.. Hope you get to see it and go.. Have to disagree with @RobMc F1 is growing bigger then ever right now and the racing is getting and better every year. The new cars coming year after next are going to be awesome and create tighter and tighter racing.. . How ever I do like me some TT racing and the British touring car racing which we don't get much coverage here..
  10. Who's from Texas.....?
  11. Yeah, But it sure makes finding a good steak dinner on the road a lot easier....🤣
  12. ANGU5

    Or GG's .. I bet she'll take you...lol.. Great looking ride my friend, I had a 79 firebird in college.. GG and I dating car... Congrats!!
  13. ANGU5

    lol, I knew you were a dumbass.... Good luck with that one...GG, he just ins't smart enough to have a cat in his house.. You know what I mean.. lol 🤣
  14. ANGU5

    Sorry to hear about your dad my friend. I understand about getting out and just clearing your heads. rather its on a golf course or the woods or just a drive down a good road, We all need it some times ... Looks a great time, Glad you enjoyed it.. Thoughts and prayers for you and your family and dad... Keep rockin and the good vibes going.,..Sugar tits and @Gatorgirl miss you guys too!! 😎
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