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  1. ANGU5

    Bye Felicia... Ooppsy
  2. ANGU5

    Either did @WldPenguin.... Good thing for safe word...
  3. ANGU5

    YEah about time you guys off some of that money.. Been to long ... Miss you guys this year with no fest. GG and I have got to get over and see you both soon! ?
  4. I like it.. I think it's funny when some one starts crying.. But I think you should be allowed to keep what you stole for at least one death... Cause when your stuck next to some one.. You get killed quicker.. Lol then it's a wasted perk.... Then I cry... Lol. Keep it.. Take it.. Who cares.. Other things need more work then this perk.... ?
  5. ANGU5

    Sabre my friend, I just wanted to let you know you have been in GG and I hearts and thoughts and prayers these last few days, I watched and waited as you got home safely to the family that i'm sure was happy to see you beyond words..No words will take the pain away of you losing the members of the extended family you have in your club. But just know we are all here..As you stated , Getting back out will be hard, But your heart and soul will need it...Dealing with this kind of loss is very hard, But ride with them in your heart and never forget them... This XI family is here for you also...
  6. ANGU5

    Welcome to the server @Stephanie.. Not sure why any one give hard time about your old name.. Makes no since... How ever you know how we feel about @EskimoJoe... He's kind of a pain... Any hooo welcome..... Nice having your own name anyway... ?..... Ps. If people really do aggravate you enough to make you want to do that.. You should say something.... Trust me I know about Whiners...... ????
  7. ANGU5

    Anyone heard from @Icequeen Haven't seen her around in a while....Did her and @jumper ever get together... I know they were talking about it ...? Good to see good updates about everyone else..
  8. I have noticed a couple of times that earned kill streaks were being lost.. Not stolen but lost..the two times i noticed it was the third item... Is this something any one else has seen...? And I'm not talking about ones taken with Heist..
  9. My final thoughts.. After playing this for about a month or how ever long.. It's simple. Might as well bring back the old mod. Nothing has changed here . Guns are worthless and speed seems to slow.. Jump height has not changed and certain gun classes are worthless.. The players that exploited the old mod are still doing so here . With mod set as it is imo and the work you put into it, Haven't changed a thing.. The purpose imo of a new mod is simple.. Make a new mod, Not a rehash of the old one..As for being technical.. I read most of the post and plenty of good people have given you lots of good info which i have seen no changes on...Understand I do appreciate all your work, But the first two weeks the mod was out, Were the best, Should have changed nothing after that ... Good luck finishing it ..
  10. Poof... He gone., another one bites the dust..... I'm not sorry.. I have no feelings for this.... If your not cater to then you feel like it's not right.... It's a game at the end of the day.. Yes I'm excitable.. But I know why I play here.... Tonight was the example... I sucked. But not as bad @Primetimeand still had great night, even with @Sharpe... It's priority folks... Small minds can't hang.. Room for others... Peace out all.....
  11. Yeah we know what you think, Might have crossed the line with a lot folks... Watch your back..
  12. Well new mod is gone ,,, Back to old mod .. Shame , First two weeks were so much fun.. a shame nothing is the same.
  13. Who are you,,, ? lol O yeah a nobody anymore... lol?
  14. ANGU5

    Who the fuck are you...... O yeah, Nobody.. Go back to your rust world.. We got this. Thanks Sammy for all the work. o yeah my observations to come on other forum post on this subject.. lol Also betting he plays more then all the rust crew together...??
  15. BTW Still loving new mod...
  16. Fix !! the knifing, Fix!! the stupid lights when we defrost, Take them away.. And put it back to what we voted on.. best 3 ... ) ?
  17. Feels to much like the mod we are on now, Still to much high jumps and jumping speed. The goofy lights when defrosted need to go.. And feels like the hit box is already smaller or kill power turned down already... And FF needs to go. To many times you can't see a teammates tag and you shoot, To late then..
  18. ANGU5

    Sorry to hear buddy.. Thoughts and Prayers for you and your sister...
  19. ANGU5

    I bought my last gun two weeks ago in the parking lot of the gun store during lunch....Checks and paid in less the 30 minutes...
  20. ANGU5

    My 21 year old son has it...
  21. ANGU5

    If he isn't overclocking none of that will matter.. I have same directional flow as his setup on standard settings and have run this pc for 11 years...? But also running cooler master case so we know how good they cool ?
  22. ANGU5

    Well... First off, if some one I don't know quits cause of me.. Then my power is really getting good.... Second, no one really Controls me... But @SABREif you want to get into a good slap, we can arrange that.. Just didn't know you were that kind of guy... Now I know @Gatorgirland @WldPenguinlike a good ass smack, but is for a different conversation.... And a jerk huh... I'm more of a asshole.. Like you... Remember... So ???
  23. ANGU5

    LOL your response to what I said is what's really funny.. The only reason I actually still play here is cause of friends.. And since you made your comment to me and not knowing it was all in good humor, You didn't make my list either.. And so with that I'll make any post i feel like any time...So..... Hmmmmm lol ??‍♂️
  24. ANGU5

    Patience grasshopper..



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