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  1. Actually that was a major concern cause of my red dot placement.. I will look at that one.. Thanks bud...
  2. 🖕 Just useless.. All of you...and some of you call yourselves .... something...
  3. I'm looking for some recommendations for a small inexpensive Magnifier for my Bushnell red dot. I was checking out this sightmark T-5 simply cause of price , This is my simple Carbon AR.. I just need something for these old eyes for weekends.. Any help would be appreciated..
  4. ANGU5

    Why is this a thread.... ?
  5. 71 and sunny here today in West ky.. Sunroof and windows..🤘
  6. ANGU5

    You still whining about whiners ...? 😎
  7. ANGU5

    About what did you start playing. Trying look back on my calender's when I left....😎
  8. ANGU5

  9. ANGU5

    Welcome, Good playing with you other evening.. 👍
  10. True..And I don't look at who is each group... Just maps... I like 3 of them!! lol
  11. ANGU5

    Was lucky enough to meet Johnny one time and it was awesome to do so.. Very friendly and welcoming.. The time spent was enough for me to know he was good man.. He will be missed. Thoughts and Prayers for him and your family..
  12. ANGU5

    Good luck, See you on the other side when your back..
  13. ANGU5

  14. ANGU5

    Kudos Stan.. Nice....
  15. ANGU5

    Thank you 😎🤘
  16. ANGU5

    silly silly man.....🤣
  17. ANGU5

    Lots of things have been proven at XI fest.. Just sayin...Just sayin...
  18. ANGU5

    Sounds so awesome.. I will have you get with some time and learn the in and out of going.. Where to go where to stay and the tricks and secrets of doing it... 👍 fortunately for me GG is a car girl. So she would love it also..
  19. ANGU5

    I know!!! I would love and want to go to Goodwood so bad!! i watch it every here!! 👍
  20. After thinking it over , Took me a few days ....🤣 Congrats to my dear friend and my Dirteeee Bird Happy for you and this is a great fit and addition. Great balance to the crew.. Congratulations again darlin Happy for you! Now go kick @Tiger! And lets play.. 😉😘
  21. ANGU5

    Awesome looking time my friend, Happy you enjoyed it.!
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